1. why is Denji vs Aki interrupted with two kids playing snowball like bro let me see the fight

  2. This might actually be one of my favorite Scourge designs

  3. SS 01 Beetle Bumblebee. I love the movie design but I wish there was a deluxe scale figure that actually was movie accurate.

  4. doesn't look nearly alien enough and just looks like a truck with extra bits

  5. I forgot this character even existed and I thought it was a normal ass selfie πŸ’€

  6. i especially love the idea of giving Wheeljack big goofy glasses

  7. I kinda hope the toy is based on early concept art and Wheeljack won't look like that in the final movie

  8. honestly, I like the idea of giving Wheeljack big nerdy glasses but I miss his ears 😭

  9. I really like the head sculpt but I don't know about the proportions

  10. I'm really hoping we get a core Jolt and Swindle sometime

  11. I really like the futuristic aesthetic because it's different from the modern Earth and Cybertronian aesthetic that we usually get

  12. sigh yet another good movie Bumblebee design and another SS Bumblebee that isn't screen accurate

  13. is it just an unwritten rule every SS Bumblebee HAS to have door wings even if it isn't screen accurate?

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