1. Important side note: If the arrest warrant has that address on it, then it is a valid search warrant. They are authorized to search the residence listed on the arrest warrant for the person also listed on the arrest warrant.

  2. So they're allowed to search the address for the person named on the warrant, you're saying? If so, that makes sense, but what if the guy is outside and they get him on the lawn before they even make it to the front door?

  3. I’m not sure that the Supreme Court has addressed that specific issue but it would seem that the best thing to do would be to arrest him before he entered the dwelling. Waiting for him to go inside could indicate that the police were trying to do an end run around obtaining a proper warrant to search. I have read some cases from lower courts were the police waited for the person to go into their house or their car so they could presumably conduct a search of the premises or the vehicle incident to an arrest. That could be a violation of the 4th Amendment.

  4. I don’t think that the Supreme Court has specifically addressed an issue that might be related to your question…and that is the constitutionality of seizing someone after they entered their house or their car when they could have arrested them on a public street before they entered car or house…is the seizure of the person merely away to do an end run around the requirement for a search warrant in such an instance. I have read some cases from lower courts where such searches didn’t pass constitutional muster.

  5. So basically they used the "courts shouldn't make law" argument in this decision. Fine, now we need some Qualified Immunity cases to go before the court, you know since QI was made up by SCOTUS and not a law passed by Congress. Yeah, they'll flip their opinion real quick if that were to happen, or, more likely, they'll refuse to hear any kind of QI cases now.

  6. Miranda warnings and the exclusionary rule are also court creations.

  7. In Mullenix v Luna, the court ruled that qualified immunity does not apply to the "plainly incompetent or those who knowingly violate the law.’” This incident seems to obviously fall into the "plainly incompetent" category, at least to anyone not purposefully looking for a loophole to release the police from liability.

  8. According to the federal district court not only did the officers not “knowingly violate the law” but there were no underlying constitutional violations. In other words if qualified immunity never existed then the officers still would have been granted summary judgment against Mr. Charron on all of his section 1983 civil rights claims against them.

  9. As long as one of us is on the jury, who cares what the compromised courts say? We can nip this in the bud in the lower courts with a simple "not guilty" for the victim(s)

  10. There was no jury. He made a plea agreement/he plead guilty:

  11. Judges can control more than the courtroom:

  12. Travis was convicted of resisting arrest without first committing an arrestable offense? What?

  13. When there is a stop and identify statute it is often enforceable through a resisting/hindering/obstruction type statute. I saw the resisting charge on one of his videos….that was after reading several stop and identify cases which originated out of Louisiana. The statute he gave lined up with what I was reading. I think he was charged under La. Rev. Stat. 14:108(B)(1)(c) which enforces the Louisiana stop and identify statute La. Code of Crim. Proc. art. 215(A).

  14. The problem with this is that he was NOT suspected of a crime. All of his actions in the 5 minutes he was in the building were lawful, even if they were suspicious. You can't ask for ID for suspecting someone of being suspicious. The "purpose of the stop" here was a non criminal act. If he had entered a clearly designated restricted area or refused to vacate the area upon being asked to leave, yeah. Those are crimes. Tresspassing, specifically. But that wasn't the case here. Guy got a book thrown at him for acting like an idiot, which any reasonable lawyer would have circumvented. What I'm more interested in now is why the judge apparently DENIED him representation. That seems pretty egregious imo

  15. My comment was addressing the specific charge. The local paper may have misstated the charge as being resisting arrest. I think he was charged for resisting but not resisting an arrest. The RAS required to demand identification doesn’t necessarily stand out to me like a turd in a bowl of lemon jello either…from what is in the video. The problem is that we don’t see in the video is everything that he did or any communication with staff that may have occurred as the police were making their way to him. RAS is based on what knowledge is in the minds of the officers at the time and it is a much lower bar than probable cause to arrest. That’s one reason why refusing to identify oneself in a stop and identify state is something of a gamble. Many Auditors seem to be under the impression that the “reasonable articulable suspicion that criminal activity may be afoot” is something that they know and the police are obligated to debate that with them and prove that to them before they are required to comply with an order to ID themselves in a lawful stop in a stop and identify state. He may not realize, as many auditors seem not to, that his contrarian approach to dialoguing with the police who are investigating him may contribute to new reasonable articulable suspicion. Again, it’s not clear to me that they had RAS…but all of the information that was in the minds of the officers isn’t in the video. Also what many Auditors don’t seem to understand is that the reasonable articulable suspicion doesn’t have to be clear to the officer at the time…in court it would only have to be clear to a hypothetical reasonable officer…to a reasonable officer in the entire universe of reasonable officers.

  16. 'police, or police adjacent agencies, investigated themselves and found themselves innocent. news at 5.'

  17. This wasn’t an internal investigation…the city was the entity that had the two officers charged with crimes which were dismissed by a grand jury. The city also was the one who put these internal charges against them. This was a decision by a neutral arbitrator. Also Gugino, the man who was pushed, declined to respond to a subpoena to relate his side of it. The arbitrator mentioned that at least 3 times in his decision.

  18. So, the courts have ruled that Officer Bartman committed perjury in his sworn affidavit and in grand jury testimony. I wonder when I will read of him being charged for those crimes...

  19. I would hesitate to say that the court “ruled” as you said since the parties weren’t bound by his grand jury testimony and therefore that wasn’t properly before the court.

  20. Question…if someone is dumb enough to fall for the Sov Cit thing how can they be smart enough to realize that it’s wrong?

  21. The constitutional scholar who can’t straighten his glasses. Kind of symbolic of his not being capable of seeing the law clearly.

  22. As for the ordering out the vehicle thing, it doesn't matter what state you are in. Pennsylvania v Mimms (SCOTUS) ruled that police can order the driver and passengers out of a vehicle during a traffic stop for officer safety. So this is the same in every state.

  23. Some states provide for greater privacy than that accorded by the Federal Constitution. Some states may require more than the probable cause or reasonable articulable suspicion which justifies pulling a car over to the side of the road in order for an officer to order the driver or passengers out of the vehicle.

  24. Get yourself an inexpensive dry herb vaporizer and limit your bong hits and you’ll be less likely to be in this situation—since you can seriously conserve by doing that.

  25. Reclaim has issues…it’s basically resin or hash…but if you have a kief section to your grinder and/or are otherwise well supplied I would stay away from it.

  26. Finding an old school Sativa only from Sativa lines is going to be difficult if not impossible in the Ohio program. My understanding is that patients weren’t buying those and the market is as it is now and everything is some kind of hybrid. That’s also true of the so called Indica strains. I know the difference from when I was a kid in the 1970s. We didn’t necessarily call them Indica and Sativa but we knew that there was a difference by using them. Where I grew up all flower was Sativa..mostly from Columbia. $40 dollars an ounce and $120 for a QP. Columbian Gold. Once in a while some Jamaican or Hawaiian or something like that. Most of it was much more psychedelic and trippy and more euphoric than anything I’ve had in the program. Most of the hash was Indica. It was relaxing and it was alright…but I didn’t like it as much. I think it’s probably difficult for people who have only had hybrids to really understand first hand the difference. That’s my take…everything in the flower department is a hybrid….leaning in one direction or the other or riding the fence in the middle. In one way it’s good because certain extremes are avoided. To me though it would be nice to have a small amount of pure strains for those who want them. It may sound ironic but since I started mixing CBD flower into my sessions it has felt more old school to me…like I can process and enjoy the high…to me the THC content is a bit much for me at times. Almost all of the stuff in the old days was imported from exotic locales and it was basically road cured. And most was heavily seeded. I only had sensimillia (without seeds) once in the 70s…Hawaiian…and it was tremendous…in every respect…smell, taste, appearance and effects. I’m glad though for the program…I’m doing it to mitigate my issues with pain and PTSD. And especially with the CBD…it’s working.

  27. Nah, I really don't think it's because no one was buying them. As far as I know, there's never been anything that could be accurately described as a sativa available in the Ohio MMJ program. There are plenty of sativa fans around, and people ask about sativas here on the sub all the time, so I'm sure people would buy it. But a real sativa has never been available in Ohio (legally). My assumption for why that is is because sativas take longer to grow, often a lot longer to grow, than indicas/hybrids. Growers just don't want to take the time. Time is money, after all.

  28. I remember there was a little bit of a stigma about “partying by yourself” in the 1970s when I was a teenager. I’m an introvert so I’m spending a lot of time alone anyway. But there’s nothing wrong with it. The epitome of though of partying alone (in a bad way) was a scene from the Woodstock movie where this sweet old guy was cleaning the port-a-johns (which had to be nasty) and he was talking about his son who was serving in Vietnam…the film crew was having a deep conversation with him and out comes this hippie from one of the Johnny-on-the-spots and he had been in there smoking on a pipe by himself…like the whole mood changed…the hippie asked the hippies from the film crew if they wanted to smoke with him and they were like “Nah…that’s okay”. To me that’s a different situation where there’s so many people at a once in a life time event…and this dude was huffing by himself in a port a potty. But what you’re doing is just chilling by yourself. It’s fine.

  29. I had one of his albums back in the 1970s when I was in High School. Very true.

  30. He looked like he was ripped on the album cover for that.

  31. Once you ingest cannabis, the liver begins to metabolise the THC, turning it into a metabolite called 11-hydroxy-THC. This is way more potent and has a longer half-life, making it much more intense overall. When you smoke cannabis, the THC travels to your brain almost instantly via the alveoli in the lungs. This is why you feel high within minutes after smoking. These affects are different for everyone. Slow and steady wins the race.

  32. I think the THC passes the brain/barrier much more easily with edibles.

  33. Always eat less than you think.. you can always eat more later, but you can't eat less after you ate too much

  34. I started adding CBD hemp flower vapes to my sessions a few weeks ago and that has made a tremendous difference. I ordered some CBD flower online. It’s important to make sure that the packages have QR codes and to read them with a cellphone. That should take you to the COA (certificate of analysis). I’m not saying that CBD supplementation is for you or everyone…but it has helped to make for sessions that are more relaxing and enjoyable.

  35. Yeah, batches vary wildy and are very inconsistent. I've bought strains at different times with the same thc level and felt as though they were still different. Clearly thc isn't what weed is all about but you'd think if they can get that to match then they could keep the terps and other stuff up too.

  36. I enjoyed a half ounce of the NYC Flo smalls in the same type of bag. I later tried the tier II version in a tenth…but I didn’t enjoy that one quite as much…Like it didn’t have the same vibe.

  37. Thanks for the citation. A lot of the opinions for frivolous claims are brief.

  38. Again where the laws are very hypocritical. The CCW law says you cant carry in bars or while drinking, that makes total sense. It DOES NOT say if you ever buy alcohol you can not have a CCW or firearms at all. So why doesn’t it read you can not carry in a dispensary or while medicated.

  39. It’s probably because of the federal issue.

  40. I reviewed the sub as best I could. It was a gamble and I knew that going in. I guess I was just hoping for kief balls. I ran it over a micron screen and ended up with 1.6. Terrible buzz though. Straight speed, super fuzzy and rambling. I HATE it

  41. I just started using a vape that I only load with CBD HEMP flower (Farm Bill compliant/>.3% THC…in case the effects of the Ohio medical bud or edibles get overly “mental”/or overly busy. I’m not saying that’s the solution for everyone but it has been helpful to me. I have two vapes and a grinder that are now dedicated solely to CBD flower. I do that so that I have confidence that I’m not accidentally adding more THC to the situation. The CBD definitely brings down the panic for me and it helps me to stay grounded.

  42. 1st world probs! Jk lol did you try those boveda packs? Are you vaping it? I personally go through dry herb vape, bowls, joints, 510 carts. The best thing to get me to the level i want is my dynavap. I guess what I'm saying is, try a new tool if you haven't already.

  43. I’ve tried Boveda packs and in every instance it has killed the terps. To me the problem is that the program needs to require airtight jars/containers. To me that is easily the biggest problem with the program. Boveda packs shouldn’t be necessary if the buds are carefully dried and cured and immediately placed in airtight jars and kept cool and out of the light.

  44. That’s one of the things I’ve been doing…buying relatively cheap 1/2 ounces. I haven’t gone wrong with any of the half-zips I’ve purchased…NYC FLO smalls, Black Jack, Rollins (twice) and Pineapple. I can’t say the same for every 10th or 5.66 gram unit I’ve purchased. I’m pretty open to trying any Cresco/Supply 1/2 since they are on the inexpensive side. There’s a risk…but most of my purchases of 1/2s have been spur of the moment purchases that didn’t involve a lot of research. I am sensitive to THC so stuff that is in the 18 to 25% THC range will usually tend to work out just fine for me. When I’ve spent time wracking my brain about the decision I have a poorer track record. I’m starting to add CBD Farm Bill Compliant hemp to my regimen so that’s probably going to make me more likely to save by getting halves…since CBD hemp can be fairly pricey. I’m thinking about mixing the Ohio bud and the CBD so hopefully that will stretch the supply versus my budgetary concerns. I might get something special in a tenth that is highly recommended…like for my Birthday or the anniversary of my card…but I’m trying to avoid doing that. To me it’s worth the risk of having a less than desirable 1/2 ounce if I can get herb in the 65 to 85 dollar range since that’s akin to making a bad purchase on a 2 tenths (5.66 gram) unit. I also like Rollins in the 1/2 because it’s pre-ground. I originally didn’t love the idea but I do now when I’m needing to dose but I’m also tired and exhausted…it greatly reduces the time it takes me to dose…and Rollins…has better and stronger smell than many of the glass jar 1/10ths that I’ve purchased. It’s not necessarily my favorite but it’s better than others I’ve tried and it is often enjoyable besides just getting the job done.

  45. Best bet for getting that "xanax" feeling from flower is to mix with CBD flower or CBD kief. I do it and it's straight chilling.

  46. I’ve started to do that recently. At first I mixed in a little CBD flower in with the “THC” flower. Then I started having a stand alone vape just for the CBD flower as a rescue in case the high starts to pull away…especially with edibles. That worked for those situations… Then I started to take a few inhales of CBD after or before the THC flower Vape. I’ve found that it can be more relaxing without necessarily being super narcotic. I find the CBD interaction to be much different than the straight up narcotic effect that every thing in the program has (for how it effects me). To me it takes out the rough edges of everything I’ve mixed with the CBD. I’m sensitive to THC and I don’t need a lot compared to a lot of people. But it seems like I have a narrow therapeutic window…It can be difficult for me to hit the sweet spot. I feel like the CBD helps me to be able to process the experience much better. For me it seems like it initially increases the effects…and then it gradually starts to modify it. And for me it definitely will calm down a potentially bad edible experience.

  47. You might want to ask the bud tender to check the expiration date. I’ve been burned on that once and I now try to remember to ask to see…or at least ask them to check…the expiration date. Good luck.

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