1. both were. they both got on the council at the end of act 2 or mid act 3.

  2. Thanaton had been on the Council since the comics that pre-date the game. He literally blackmailed the Sith Emperor into his position when he killed Kressh and uncovered the Children of the Emperor's secret and became the youngest Darth in a position of authority (until the game starts), he even named himself Darth Thanaton, it wasnt a bestowed title.

  3. Read the lore and recordings of the rise and extinction of the Iokath Species.

  4. In any Kotfeet chapter you can right click your portrait and click "summon group to story" for free. It will offer a guild flagship teleport into your location in the chapter if its instanced.

  5. This is the HK 55 mission though, not a main chapter. Not sure if that works since you're playing as HK.

  6. It did last I checked (prior to 7.0 tho), I can log in rn and have a look.

  7. Is there a collection sale today? Or will it happen sometime in December?

  8. No collections sale today (yet or announced), most likely check out December as usually something is done for LifeDay.

  9. I'm working on leveling Treasure Hunter. Are Mission Skills(diplomacy, investigation, treasure hunting and underworld trading) strictly leveled through the mission menu or is there an open-world way to level it up as well?

  10. Levelled by sending your companion on missions only.

  11. Back on SWTOR after several months, and am stuck at the end Ruins of Nul. I defeat Malgus, but when I go to “apprehend” him, the game freezes every time as the cinematic scene is about to load. At first it made me redo the flashpoint after I restarted the game, but now it places me right after the battle (so I don’t have to redo it all) but the issue is the same: Always freezes. Anyone else had this happen?

  12. Try changing your games settings to the lowest graphics for that cutscene. Some 'visually intensive' cutscenes in swtor dont run well on older computers and can cause 'cutscene hang' at the first click.

  13. I'm about to try to log into my old account. Is there a way to "prove" your account age to others? Or is creating a new account going to be the same experience for me, as far as age/prestige goes?

  14. No, and no one really cares how old an account is anyway unless youre doing credentials reset (password/email change) thru the games support line. If you need it for support to aid in account recovery then better info to hand over is the type of payment details you last used on the account and when as this is much more personally verifiable.

  15. The Eternal Championship on Zakuul is found within the Platform 6 Cantina. Many of the Championships pitfighters can be found hanging out within the Cantina to all players that swing by, including the dynamic Duo known as Nocturno and Drake Raven, or as you probably know them: Batman and Robin.

  16. People have answered pretty accurately for in universe but I'll give another addition, in Star Wars movies we see Jedi do this, SWTOR picked the weapon placements based on these media for their animations.

  17. Read how you can earn your own lil purple froggy pet here.

  18. PvP battlepass items will unlock in collections, prior pvp "ranked" rewards such as armor sets or black-silver crystals wont. There are 16 PvP tokens given thru the pass and 3 more via "season one only" achievements related to doing further objectives throughout the run of the season. So 19 total.

  19. You can buy one from the Social Vendor on Fleet/Tatooine as long as you have the achievement for Social Level 3.

  20. You'd be surprised how many players don't know things like this that I'd consider 'old, dead or basic'. I've gotten comments on Twitter mostly of people suggesting things like "Have you ever done anything on the Cartel Sniper?" Even tho I covered that a year ago or even down to things like "Hey you should make a post about Hun Duo on Hutta its an easter Egg to Han Solo and I just found it last week!".

  21. Not from what I can tell. The closest iokath themed unique dialogue is youll get 1 single reference line during Iokath story if you let Scorpio "live" in Kotet.

  22. The Cartel Markets "other items" aka anything thats not a service/utility (species, character slot etc), brand new (released this last patch) or a staple (x best selling armor/weapon, y decoration) is "rotated" with each update that brings something new to the cartel market.

  23. This was how Ossus worked - drops, buyables, and achievements - decos from 3 sources. I expect Ruhnuk to be the same.

  24. Same system as Manaans daily area decos/reputation track it seems. Good formula IMO!

  25. Excellent decorations, really impressive new texture style on many of them too.

  26. Same system as Manaan it seems, although this time aroun theres about 4 decos unique to mobs only, not on the vendor while the other 28 can be directly purchased OR looted.

  27. What do you mean by raised the difficulty? If you mean in terms of all content? Then technically they did but they didnt?

  28. Does anyone else just have a really buggy ping indicator? It seems to go up and down like crazy but I don't actually get any lag or anything. Is the indicator just bugged? Doesn't matter if it's EU or NA server. I'll go from my normal ping to about 40-60ms more, sometimes 150+ more or 250+ more for 10-20 seconds. This will happen nearly non stop and randomly.

  29. Yeah this happens to nearly everyone, even though sometimes you feel no impact at all your ping can spike a few hundred MS for a few seconds. I always assumed it was a brief server spike if something big happened on that instance (lots of people guild summoned at once, a complex boss started mechanics or died etc) because my game has very little noticable connection delay or lag most of the time it happens.

  30. Those are most certainly not Havoc Squad troopers, given that the events of the trailer take place between Ziost and the first chapter of KOTFE, at which point Havoc is under Meteor's command, and none of its members die.

  31. They're absolutely troopers in the Havoc Squad armor set (not necessarily of Havoc Squad itself)

  32. For several shots in the KOTFE CGI trailer we straight up see Arcann and Thexan infront of a crashed Republic ship finish off the remains of Havoc Squad troopers for about 3-5 seconds total on a dirty/desert planet.


  34. Point 3 is literally the Ruhnuk Datacron. Also iirc it only gives +10 stats.

  35. There are 3 Quest Terminals active during the Feast of Prosperity Event in SWTOR. One that offers Ingredient Quests which involve travelling around the galaxy slaying mobs, a second quest terminal that offers the Events cooking and dining quests, and a third that offers all [Weekly] Quests.

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