MEGAThread -- SCOTUS Abortion Decision

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  1. You can basically buy X-gene dampeners at vending machines in the marvel universe it wouldn’t be impossible for him lol.

  2. Not if deadpool goes after the animators or writers

  3. Well if we’re counting his transnarritive feats then yeah he stomps lol

  4. Of course, I can understand that after all Christianity is more then a belief system it's a way of life, it's something to be passionate about and passion has different ways of showing

  5. Do you mean the more spiritual side of it?

  6. I find it interesting and learning about Christianity helps me to respect Christianity better, oh and God bless you too

  7. It's so sad and pathetic that guns get more rights then people, America is where morality goes to die

  8. Well that's a stupid reason to get banned and people wonder why I like this sub more despite being an athiest, to be honest when I first left religion I just wanted to be left alone, I found that if religious people tried to win me back it only pushed me away even more, if you want to comfort an athiest then comfort them, don't make it about "winning us back"

  9. Yeah I've just learnt not to expect anything good from America anymore, this is just sick

  10. No it's not, it's the will of ignorant people wanting to force shit on people, America is void of any morality

  11. You are allowed to enjoy things, just remember it's a game, don't take it too seriously, avoid being a toxic fan and you should be all good to go

  12. There are plenty of good Christian movies, stuff like gods not dead just seems like a Christian b movie to me

  13. Yeah I gotta say there where a few things that helped me snap out of my antithiest phase and this sub was one of them

  14. It's the way a lot of Americans just blindly worship America as if they can do no wrong, constantly screaming about how "free" you are even though it's not true and the way America defends shootings and just pretend that nothing can be done

  15. Yeah well remember gay conversion camps? Imagine if people made you go to a camp to try and force you to stop being christian? The lgbt+ have very good reasons to be on edge around Christianity, if Christians could "let them live their lives" then there would have never been a problem

  16. Really? All the public schools in my city are Catholic, where are you from? Also happy cake day

  17. Approach them like people and we won't bite... Much... We do get easily startled by sudden movement

  18. People often turn to God during times of hardship, I've heard the odd story here and there where that wasn't the case though

  19. See I really like hearing these stories, they're far more interesting then "I was born into it"

  20. Overcoming hate is hard, but keep at it, I used to be full on antithiest and it took me a couple of years to change my outlook on things and build respect towards something I used to hate

  21. No, I mean why bother God over every little problem? If you can do it yourself then do it

  22. Sometimes words we don't really mean slip out, it's nothing bad, we are only human after all

  23. Because the louder ones arnt very christ like

  24. Well I for one am enjoying it and I think she makes a good wannabe sith

  25. She does have some of the main sith traits, like a huge ambition, and a will to backstab people. She clearly also has the typical sith cruelty. (I mean she was about to torture a child on the last episode.)

  26. Oh yeah, I've just never really been a fan of inquisitors

  27. As much as i like super hero movies that's a good point. Daredevil is my favorite (the show) because it at least wrestles with this dilemma

  28. You know if every character in every movie was flawless and perfect I would have given up on movies a long time ago

  29. I am a gamer but I don't do emulators as the computer at my house has basically became for display perpouses only

  30. Never said make things. Hammers job is too hit nail. Gun job to hit target

  31. Yeah shame most targets seem to be people though

  32. That's straight up bullshit. But if that's what you believe, I won't argue. My guns have yet to shoot any people. There's literally hundreds of millions of guns in the country. I highly doubt most targets are people.

  33. Well most countries got their shit together, all these shootings and shit only seem to regularly happen in America, guns are more valuable then life for some reason

  34. The Bible isn't a very good guide to follow about everything. Slavery, for example. Or democratic rights.

  35. I mean if it was a guide to everything we wouldn't be getting so many posts that are "is eating blueberries on Tuesday afternoon a sin?"

  36. Also if you don't treat others with respect then why would anyone respect you in return?

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