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Finally some honesty about Canada's housing crisis. MP Daniel Blaikie lays it out.

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Okay I understand. First a minor disagreement, use-value is a transhistorical category for Marx. Use-value predates capitalism. Use-value may appear in capitalism as a demand for an object's usefulness, but this does not mean they are the same. For instance a use-value is binary, whereas demand is a magnitude. This is not really a big deal though.

  2. Marx's theory of value does explain why a diamond found while hiking is the same value as one that employed thousand of hours mining.

  3. Why is everyone censoring the subreddits in newer posts?

  4. Sub rules - I had a post removed before because you could see which sub it came from.

  5. This propaganda brought to you by the same tankie that compared NK's potemkin village with homeless people living in tents.

  6. We can all have opinions, but there really isn't a need to call someone dumb for "not figuring this out". Some people like horror films with complex themes and metaphors, some just like a jumpscare-y good time. No need to call someone a dummy over it.

  7. I quoted Marx himself and pasted the words of a professor writing on Marx in peer reviewed journals and your rebuttal was tantamount to "don't believe your lying eyes".

  8. Yeah, you quoted Marx himself by doing quick word searches on a PDF text you never bothered to read, so your quotations where either irrelevant, confused or, at best, proved you wrong. You must realise how ridiculous it looks to pretend you've read a book, and to talk as if you've read it, when it is blatantly obvious to everyone in the room you have not a clue what you're talking about. It's obvious when one hasn't read the book, you're not fooling anyone.

  9. I'm not rehashing this conversation with you until you manage to actually read Das Kapital. You've proven time and time again that you don't know wtf you're talking about.

  10. The sub they cross-posted from is about half satire at this point, but the "serious" commie sub it was posted to was sincerely defending the DPRK and this stupid meme.

  11. For all we know those could just be inflatable houses lol.

  12. Lamoooo if you love capitalism so much why don’t you move to America

  13. Why would I move to America when I make as much as I do in Canada and deal with American businesses all the time anyways?

  14. If you love economic freedom so much why don’t you move to Singapore 😎😎

  15. Because I don't speak Cantonese and I'd have to worry about the CCP lmao what a shitty troll.

  16. Yes - better title would have been "Poor commie learns his comrades are even more delusional than he is".

  17. how do you know they’re all stupid

  18. How did it feel to steal the IP of others, base your career on it, and then spend your life defending ip to the point of making sure the covid vaccine was not made freely available for all to manufacture?

  19. The ravings of a conspiratorial commie cunt.

  20. That's fucking horrific. I can't imagine being so depraved.

  21. Looks to me like a saner socialist telling a commie to calm the fuck down

  22. "Mudpie argument is correct because other version of mudpie argument". I refer you to the comment you responded to.

  23. What a bad faith rebuttal and one clearly written because you don't have an actual argument.

  24. Why would supply and demand be a refutation of the LTV? Given that Marx, Smith, and Ricardo all openly acknowledge it?

  25. I'm sure the vast majority of capitalists will agree with me on this.

  26. I can’t get my basic needs met in the US (food shelter healthcare) but go off sis lmao

  27. Sounds like a you problem. The average US citizen doesn't have that issue. Maybe you shouldn't be on Reddit if you literally can't afford food and shelter (weird you're using a phone or computer and paying for internet or a phone plan but apparently don't have shelter or food).

  28. I like how you just say things, even if they’re deeply untrue

  29. The QoL doesn't smooth it out though. It sounds as though you are trusting that capitalist organizations would do such a thing, but it's highly tied to the PPP of the country then adjusted off of the other factors.

  30. You're getting hostile. Not necessary.

  31. I'm sorry but the argument that QoL indices aren't credible sources of information is more ridiculous far left conspiracy drivel. You have no better measure. Nobody does. It's the best we have.

  32. If you own your home, do you want other people to be able to own one too? Making housing affordable will fix all other issues like gas and daycare costs and wage issues less problematic.

  33. I don’t know yet. But that will be the deciding issue for me. I haven’t really been super involved in politics in the past and always voted based on my overall views. This time I want to see concrete plans to solve an issue that important to me from each party to decide.

  34. Yeah I was being tongue in cheek. None of them are going to be able to solve housing. At least not during a single term.

  35. I merely used the idea of slavery as an example. Let’s say we had a slave system like the southern US states used to have. If that system provided, hypothetically, perfect social mobility, do you think that would be enough to justify it?

  36. Man it must be super draining feeling so oppressed all the time. You wouldn't have lasted an hour if you were born 100 years ago.

  37. So you’re not going to engage with the point I’m making? Lol I genuinely do see your point. I wonder what you would think about the hypothetical I just gave you. Social mobility doesn’t seem to be a legitimate to defend an exploitative system. Now, you could argue that capitalism isn’t exploitative. But if we assume it is then its social mobility doesn’t justify the exploitation.

  38. You're not making a damn point, you're trying to compare working and paying bills to being a slave. You can fuck right off with that bullshit as far as I'm concerned. You have no idea what slaves actually endured.

  39. all of these things you praise as being great actions deserving of a MUCH higher pay (being face of the company, closing important deals, etc.) dont produce anything. it doesnt taken any manual labor. the only reason these things need to be done in the first place is because we created the need for it.

  40. Now do the shop floor workers.

  41. Unskilled labor? Even minimum wage is too much.

  42. Socialists never specified any monetary amount of wage theft and this is entirely unnecessary for socialist theory. We just think that if wage theft exists (which you didn't deny) then we should change the system into one where it doesn't.

  43. I just couldn't give you a precise number. Where do you read that it doesn't exist? Also, one scenario isn't really enough, is it?

  44. Reddit simply cannot tolerate the real answers to these questions unless there is a convenient scapegoat or boogeyman to blame (almost always in the form of the wealthy or corporations).

  45. What do you mean "reDdiT siMpLy cANnOt tOlErAtE tHe rEaL AnSwEr"? It's literally one of the causes he lists in this video.

  46. Why don't you take a look at all the comments blaming corporations and foreigners for your answer.

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