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  1. As a POC sometimes its nice seeing someone who looks like you on a big screen or television. May not mean much for you, but for us its pretty cool.

  2. Agreed. Growing up with mostly white main characters affects how you see your own skin colour in such a huge way in terms of self image/self-acceptance, and it's something you don't even realise until you get older. I love the Peter Jackson movies, but it's awesome that my kids will be able to see people who look like them in Tolkien's world. Can't wait to see Ismael in this role.

  3. Ismael Cruz Córdova - love the look of his character, very keen to see how his story plays out.

  4. I had a huge grin on my face during that whole scene - so, so good. They're killing it so far with the tone & cultural nods.

  5. The neighbourhoods targeted have more than 1,000 residents and more than half of residents are of “non-western” origin. They must also meet two of four criteria: more than 40% of residents are unemployed; more than 60% of 39- to 50-year-olds have no upper secondary education; crime rates are three times higher than the national average; and residents have a gross income 55% lower than the regional average.

  6. I believe the issue isn't this law, but rather that it isn't being applied to refugees from Ukraine, & was applied to refugees from non-western countries such as Afghanistan, Syria etc.

  7. The last of the Gryphalings lived in a hut in a remote part of the countryside. If he was forced to stray from his hut, he wore a coat to hide his feathered skin and hooflike hands, and a broad hat to hide his beaky face, which surprisingly actually worked. He had wandered from neighborhood to neighborhood, where creatures such as he were welcome: Holstenwall, Santa Mira, Daikaiju Atoll, Midian... there he had known the company of immortals and shapechangers and the variously cursed and afflicted and spawned from hell, those who could not be welcome in the company of humans. Nonetheless, there were no other beings truly like him in the world. The last of the Gryphalings was alone, living in his country hut without so much as a visitor.

  8. Hey, this is awesome! Can I ask what software you used to create the sounds/music?

  9. Simply put, Self-respect implies mutual respect, and equality towards others, whereas Ego demands to please one’s own superiority feeling.

  10. Just wanted to say thanks very much for this comment, reading it definitely helped with some issues i'm currently going through.

  11. Captain America isn’t the powers. It’s the man and the mission. And Sam is the right man for the job. He has tech, he’s a highly trained badass who one-shotted a giant alien gorilla in EG and kicked many asses across the other films.

  12. Yeah I agree - it's weird how so many people seem to think being Captain America means you have to have the same serum abilities as Steve Rogers. It's like they're missing the entire point of Steve giving Sam the shield.

  13. And like I explained to you before, it doesn't matter in the slightest.

  14. It really does. Since he was a real person, his skin colour is not open to interpretation. Ciri is a fictional character that can be interpreted differently depending on the adaptation (in fact, I believe the author of the books has even given his blessing to have more diversity in the show - correct me if i'm wrong on that). I'm not saying you couldn't have a film where MLK was depicted by a white person - of course you could, but to say that it's a similar situation as Ciri is just incorrect.

  15. Ciri is a well known character and her skin color is not open to interpretation. It doesn't matter in the slightest that one person was real and the other wasn't. He has because he is a sjw shill and he obviously didn't wanna be called racist as people like to do in these kinds of situations. There is literally NO arguments for making ciri non-white. Zero. The only argument is "why not". That's not an argument. You have nothing, so why do you keep talking?

  16. Post in the megathread OP, all discussion is over there.

  17. Love seeing the impact this movie is having. Inspiring stuff.

  18. I take it you make more sense when only your view is allowed to be heard?

  19. Yeah i'm definitely looking forward to seeing more scenes between MJ and Peter - she was one of my favourite characters in the movie despite her limited screentime (That middle finger XD).

  20. Really enjoyed it - definitely feel like the scenes in school or with Peter's classmates were the strongest. Loved Keaton as the Vulture and the rest of the adult supporting cast. The action scenes were fun, but I think the vfx work could have been stronger - Spidey seemed a bit too elastic a lot of the time.

  21. This would be a pretty cool miles costume.

  22. Looking forward to the movie, but god hell these posters are awful. Who the fuck thought that pose looked good enough to use on a final design?

  23. Terrific work, mesmerising. Hope you manage to sleep.

  24. They've broken the schools, they've broken the NHS, they've broken the economy with their deficit reduction, they've broken welfare, they've screwed the students, even if I were to accept some of the bullshit being said about Corbyn's leadership capability, he cannot make this worse. The only thing they've kept marginally under control is pensions but now that the triple lock will most likely be dropped that'll follow.

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