1. Manga came to an end in season 1, Date A Live is adapted from a Light Novel.

  2. Stop reposting this garbage ass cringe ass meme

  3. Quite the imagination huh, honestly I see Kashiwagi getting pregnant by the end of the series though.

  4. Iv’e always said it and will keep saying it, Miyuki is GOATED.

  5. Unless you talkin about Fate/Zero which is an absolute masterpiece

  6. Season 3 episode 4 I believe, Ishigami talking about his Ultra Romantic plan to confess to Tsubame.

  7. The more I think of it, the more I like that you can not see the kiss in the original panel and manga. The kiss is overshadowed (or: overballooned) by the heat of the moment. Miyuki literally wears a disguise as Kaguya throws all hesitation over board.

  8. They do show the kiss in the manga though

  9. Ishigami gets rejected, his life is after all, a series of failures.

  10. Most fun seems like the 10-Yen game ngl, seems like it can go a lot of ways with different groups.

  11. Production wise I agree, tf was up with the cgi

  12. Sad Machine by: Porter Robinson, the start of the song sounds like fujiwara lol

  13. Fuck I knew it sounded just right with Chika’s voice lmfao.

  14. Least fav is Kotori and hell naw thats a case and she a bitch

  15. assuming no case, she's actually not a bad choice. Yeah she's a bitch, but if you've seen any of the Kotori "routes" from the games she actually becomes super sweet and basically never bitchy. You should play the Kotori route from Arusu install. That'll change your opinion of Kotori

  16. I know both Kotori routes from Rinne Utopia and Arusu Install, doesn’t make a difference though. In the end I wouldn’t date a girl that acts like Kotori, after all irl my standards are above average

  17. Iv’e never heard anyone call it edgy tho

  18. Kanokari has got to be the worst piece of trash manga that I have ever read ever.

  19. new chapters have become decent & good. There's finally story progression happening

  20. Nah bro it shouldn’t take 200+ chapters for this.

  21. The series becomes more story and character focused as the series goes on. Just continue it and you’ll probably like it

  22. Weebs making the worst memes possible

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