Policing in America: A legally blind man was walking back from jury duty when Columbia County Florida Sheriffs wrongfully mistook his walking stick for a weapon. When he insisted he would file a complaint the officers decided to arrest him in retaliation.

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  1. I use class 3 machining for my barrel work. Good guy fast return times.

  2. My stalls seem to come from those sneaky carb days. (Eating foods that are low in carbs but still put me over my daily intake limit)

  3. That I think is also one of my issues which is why I need to see a dietitian. I love carbs, and now that I can eat them again I think I'm eating too much without realizing I am.

  4. Cut back to pure meat for a week and I bet you break that stall. Then slowly add back some veggies but staying away from starchy ones.

  5. Germania kilo price? I was just about to order one buuut I seen this post.

  6. I just need to know what adapter you used to get those peltors on amp arms.

  7. Sounds like it’s time to start saving. I had to pay for mine out of pocket to the tube of $24,000…

  8. Democrats leave Cali because of how bad their political system has gotten. The they go to Texas and ate actively transforming Texas into some use the proper pronouns for some person who thinks they are a cat state. Sad….

  9. I’m 6 weeks PO as well 9/19 sleeved. I just started back at the gym but I have previous experience working out. 85lbs is amazing though. I’ve lost maybe 45ish.

  10. Nice collection did you build the wall yourself or did you buy it somewhere

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