1. Banger of a set. Didn't think TL would make it this far after looking sus in the CLG & TL series, but their mid game is setting them apart right now.

  2. Pretty much all the Renekton skins, still my favorite champ.

  3. Why is everyone so mad over a dunk? SOFT!!!

  4. Some academy players just cannot play well in front of a crowd. Same thing with Neo, he played markedly worse in front of a crowd. Its not just the higher competition, they are just off with their mechanics when in front of a crowd.

  5. I also think Bo1's hurts as well - You have a bad game, that's just kinda it, no chance at redemption

  6. Ok sure, but thats not a reason why they are bad across 9 games. Spawn was inarguably the worst adc, by a gigantic margin. It wasn't a sample size issue.

  7. I agree - I think there was something w/ his mental that was just boomed after the first few games + meta was off his best champs + games being super bot lane focused made it 10x worse. He looked OK the prior split, so I don't think it's just 100% him being bad.

  8. Someone clip the cornerman!! The accent has me rolling

  9. LCS caster Gabby Allen to @AubreyMarcus on her darkness retreat: "I spent parts of a couple of days imagining what it would be like to retire, and then imagining what it would be like to continue to cast."

  10. It has to be requested, and nobody had.

  11. The tank will continue until the Wemby odds improve

  12. Vulcan is about to meme a guy back to Academy.

  13. Catching up on Reddit posts since it's been down the last several hours.

  14. Credit where it's due: I gave him props under the circumstances he's come in on. Also thought what the resident Yusui enthusiast thought so...

  15. Honestly thought he matched up fine against Spirax. Spirax Akali did get the push in the early game which made life hard for Chad especially since top lane was losing pretty hard. Had some good ults and generally looked solid. FLY's coordination w/ Winsome coming in was too much. Should have a tune up match against FLY FAM up next.

  16. Tough loss. Always knew this one would be hard after getting smoked by 20 before the tournament kicked off. It's always the little things that make the biggest difference.

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