1. I don't know how you do that internally, but externally you just create a chrome desktop shortcut with each url separated by a space and then --new-window flag will keep them grouped together.

  2. Yeah, I was just exploring that approach. Either a shortcut like you describe, or launching from a batch file. Sure would be nice, though, if I could simply reference the bookmark folders.

  3. I know that extension I use, Session Buddy, saves my session (full of tabs), & can right click on it & click, Open all tabs.

  4. Sounds like a handy extension, but that would essentially be the same amount of work.

  5. Maybe join a group that just enjoys riding rather than "quasi racing".

  6. On a commuter/townie bike, the difference is almost certainly that it's step-through and pink, not the geometry…

  7. Yeah, no. Color is white. Slightly more sloping top tube, maybe, giving a lower standover height, but that's about it.

  8. Only when the browser gets updated at that time, Manifest V2 extensions will stop working.

  9. Is there by any chance a manifest converter? I use several extensions that have been removed from the Chrome web store, I assume because they haven't been updated in years and were still using a V2 manifest. I'm still able to load them unpacked from copies, but want to continue using them in the future.

  10. No, and yes. It would depend on the extension. Google is making changes to the extensions API, meaning, for some extensions like Ad blockers, it isn't a matter of someone updating that extension, it is just the way that extension works isn't possible anymore.

  11. I understand that. These are very basic in functionality, so I don't think they'd be affected in that way. I'm pretty sure they'll just need a new manifest, but I'd rather not do it myself by hand after diving into the new spec.

  12. Just create a folder in Favorites containing the links. Right click the folder and select "Open all" or "Open all in new window".

  13. Did you see my edit? That's essentially what not using WebGL does.

  14. I'm sure you know the obvious solutions. Don't turn off the PC, or don't power down the PSU, or else move the charging station.

  15. I can think of a lot of reasons. For instance, if you want to see the first time a post was made about something.

  16. Buy an Executive style desk that's enclosed all the way around on 3 sides. You want a desk, not a table type. Get them used on CL or FB. The type of home you design you described would fit in well.

  17. In a home office, it doesn't really matter that much, unless you feel uncomfortable behind a table type desk in that setup. I would, however, want to have a so-called privacy panel on the front (er, back) of the desk. It will help to hide cabling and the monitor arm mounting hardware.

  18. It's basically how most corporate exec offices are set up. You'll never see them really facing a wall like in most homes.

  19. I think most have the monitors to the side, either at the corner of the desk at about 45 degrees, or at 90 degrees on a side table or extension. For exactly the reason stated above. If you have people in your office for a face to face meeting, you don't want to be behind a computer monitor.

  20. One way is to use non-breaking spaces at the beginning of lines. These are entered as   Note that you can place real spaces between them and both the non-breaking and real space will be displayed. Like this:       Then play around with it until you get the desired spacing.

  21. I'd been looking too and this seemed like the best option. Hopefully it's legit.

  22. Breaking up those straight paths is likely to be more beneficial. That felt is only going to absorb the very highest frequencies.

  23. Take the entire thing apart and put it back together again. While apart, wipe off any dust and blow out all of the sockets with compressed air. Put it back together carefully, making sure you thoroughly seat every cable, card, module and chip.

  24. I am able to pull 930/930 on an ERLitr-3 but there are a few key things.

  25. To note, you can mark posts as nsfw or spoiler on old reddit after it's posted.

  26. I also see the comment score occasionally not appear when a page loads. Can't say for sure about the cog wheel. Seems to happen randomly, and reloading the page always fixes it.

  27. Better also get a chair mat soon, or say goodbye to that carpeting.

  28. Monitor arms would clean your desk up quite a bit and free up some additional space.

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