1. It’s a competition, In a competition everyone is in it to win, you don’t give the code to others as your helping them to win therefore you lower your chances to win yourself

  2. I looked everywhere in the store to find one and there isn't one do you have to buy something to get it?

  3. I'll reveal the code for today if someone gives me the code for yesterday 😎

  4. Not shepard the TV series needs to be based on the novels or comics

  5. The Refusal Ending doesn't deserve to be involved otherwise it would mean shepard won't survive and it would be a repeat of the series.

  6. Probably means the geth return and maybe if you sided with the geth or brokered peace then you can play as one? I mean it is repeating the past if they become villains

  7. Turian or Quarian they are my favourite because of Garrus and Tali

  8. Certainly it should happen so that even if we may not play as shepard we at least have the choices imported

  9. My Theory is that maybe the destroy ending might not be canon but the 2nd choice may be the control ending and maybe the Geth could be factoring in the plot but for them to be antongonists is unbelievable after all peace was made so they maybe helping the other races becoming like the turians to the citadel and actually could It be possible that the planet is Rannoch and the dead geth is legion

  10. I want to see either concept art, short teaser or announcement of LE on Nintendo Switch

  11. In my opinion it is okay yeah it is a bit boring compared to the original Trilogy but if the next Mass Effect connects Andromeda with the originals then you may have to play it to get immersion and better experience

  12. I understand your opinion, but new stories can always be invented.

  13. Hopefully a plot with dark energy turning anyone into monsters and it causes a civil war

  14. Isn't that what happened in Andromeda?

  15. The story, the characters, music and everything else makes me want to play it every time and I am not bored at all

  16. I highly doubt Shepard will be the protag of the next game, their story ended even if they survived.

  17. Yes that's true but bioware probably have no choice but to revive Shepard to avoid another flop or maybe just have alien races take over

  18. Maybe they should have shepard's cousin, Brother or Sister take over or just have Ryder

  19. It is already on the list but you need the disc the digital version was delisted

  20. I will definitely get Starfield but the only reason why i wouldn't get it I because it is only on Xbox

  21. Honestly I hope this means we will get a Tomb Raider 2 and 3 Anniversary Remake with a remaster of the original Anniversary

  22. I want them to go with the asari, Turians, Krogan & Salarians with opportunities to customize them

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