1. Depending on how the points are weighted. But unless they massively favour speed (steals, doubles/triples), then he's a borderline cut in 12-team points leagues

  2. Is he cutable in a 8 Team dynasty (H2H Points)? Honestly getting sick of this guy.

  3. 8-team H2H points, he is droppable. Of course, depending who for but I imagine there's players with more value on waivers

  4. Story and Civale for Manoah isn’t an overpay right? AL only roto contract league, story and Manoah are 3 year deals, Civale is a 2 yr. Loaded at SS/2B, need an ace, and Civale is meh

  5. Heavy on pitching, looking for OF, am I stupid if I offer Buehler for Acuna, Trout, or Buxton?

  6. Doesn't help that the Jays are getting absolutely ZERO calls from the umpires. These kids are having to expand their zones and chase at garbage because they fear it'll be called a strike.

  7. Yep, and if anyone wants to refute that, just go to the Jays sub and find the umpire scorecard thing. It's really making them chase

  8. Absolutely it is. It's not fair and it's a problem that needs to be fixed, ASAP.

  9. Depends what position you're putting DJLM in. I'd likely take DJLM as my 2B in points dynasty over Hoskins as my 1B. Don't think I'd take DJLM as my starting 1B in dynasty though, would go Hoskins there

  10. Wanted to start him at 3B actually. Got Mondesi there and I'm sick of him.

  11. He looked incredible yesterday, I just love watching pitchers who throw near 50% sliders and can make it work.

  12. I agree with you. Thought about picking him up but want to see how he does against the Cardinals first.

  13. Not sure why you're getting downvoted for this. Our offensive line (recently) has been pretty subpar.

  14. There's too many fairweather fans and recency bias...

  15. I'd probably lean Ramsey just because of longevity and the position in general but I could see where you're coming from. It's not like Zeke wasn't an absolute game-changer for a handful of years.

  16. Was gonna say Like Father, Like Son but its a DUI not murder

  17. I think Dak can become better than Stafford but right now he's definitely not. I think all Cowboys fans can agree with me here except obviously the "We Dem Boyz" crowd.

  18. Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams are miles better than Amari Cooper.

  19. He's gonna get taken in the top 10

  20. So you're telling me the Cowboys couldn't get a draft pick for a guy who is going to get big money on the open market?

  21. Gregory might have just wanted out of Dallas too? I always took the contract comment as more of an excuse.

  22. So you don't believe the person who is reporting this? Do you think they are lying, or just mistaken?

  23. I'm not sure what to believe, personally. It's a pretty weird situation that I think both sides deserve blame in.

  24. Cooper clearly wants much more than they're willing to give him, at least at this stage before he tests the market. Guessing Cooper is looking for the 40-60M guaranteed range right now.

  25. If only our division wasn't a sack of garbage we would've been exposed for this years ago.

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