Servicewoman Cindy Bronson calls out woman on her ignorant rants.

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  1. Picture is fine, but I don't have 5.1 sound on Google TV device.

  2. Mine used to do that because the Google TV would shut itself off, which shut the AVR off through the HDMI-CEC link. I have since disabled energy savings on all devices.

  3. DV doesn't work on my Google TV either. I switched to my LG C1 built-in app, and it actually did work. So I can only assume it's either the Google TV or the specific app for the device. But seeing how the Playstation HBO app sucks too, I'm going to point to the app.

  4. It's the "smart" feature that kept changing temperature on mine to something I didn't want. Try disabling this feature. It's actually not very "smart" and more of an annoyance.

  5. I turned all that off. I don't like smart schedule learning.

  6. I'm wondering if I should just delete the Nest app, even though I like it much better, and allow the Google app to control everything. Has anyone had success with this?

  7. This skit just randomly popped into my head after 30 years. I used to think the Ed McMahon restyle was so funny.

  8. I tried this as well, but on the PS4. I thought my audio receiver was messed up, but nope. It is the stupid HBO MAX app! I switched to my mobile app on my phone and cast it through Chromecast, IT WORKED!!! And this is not a HDMI handshake issue, because Amazon Prime 5.1 always works for me. This is an app issue. HBO apps have always just sucked on consoles. They don't consider it a priority, I guess. HBO has always been late to the game regarding app development.

  9. Thanks for this. Gonna try Chromecast. Really frustrated to have all this expensive equipment and have to live with stereo sound like it's the 80's.

  10. I feel your pain. You would think HBO would have surround sound on all their devices by now if they are pushing Dolby Atmos and 4K.

  11. Apparently, I'm seeing retailers saying they will have new Yamaha RX V6A units coming soon. Now will they have the chipset issue fixed? I have no idea. I'm waiting for some firsthand testimony before I buy.

  12. Ok I still haven’t upgraded I need to do my tv as well but I’m waiting to get a good avr I really like yamaha

  13. I bought the RX-V6A. I really like it. It does everything I want it to do. I don't have a 4K TV to test it yet, but the sound is killer.

  14. Macho feminist militant. They all hate civilians. I’ve encountered a lot of them over the years. They dirt-bags and never make it very far.

  15. They hate everyone, doesn't matter. I have some in my family.

  16. 88M? I don't know if they use the same MOS codes now. It's been a while. This sounds horrible, but you get that job with a low test score.

  17. To think, We have a future where the highly advanced aliens known as the Kree invaded, leaving the earth is near destroyed, humanity is on the brink and Hulk is a super genius villain.

  18. Your imagination is 10 times better than the creative department of CD.

  19. I don't get it. Play any other Marvel game, and it's full of villains. Tons of them, in fact.

  20. Remember Avengers Alliance, when the map had plenty of villain options?

  21. Low band 5G is basically just LTE+. It's just good 4G. Ultra Wide is the super high frequency 5G, the real 5G, which is extremely short range and limited. The 5G icon isn't even showing up on my phone yet. I have a Oneplus 8 uw.

  22. Since the comments have been removed, I only go on there to check my horoscope, that's it. They must be losing a ton of ad revenue.

  23. If you use this feature, turn off the motion detector feature for the Protect. It only gets in the way. Then it should start registering Home and Away properly. I had to migrate my Nest account to my Google account for it to work recently. They will probably make everyone do it. The Home/Away assist wasn't working with our phones until after I migrated the account. Keep that in mind.

  24. It's because you can use routines on your phone as well

  25. I have the same problem have you found a fix yet.

  26. It magically started working again. I did nothing to fix it. It didn't work in the morning, and then started working again when I came home from work.

  27. Mine is glitching out too. It used to do certain things in routines, now it doesn't, or just stops. It won't make calls from the speaker anymore. I'd say the product is degrading, not improving.

  28. Just tested phone calls on mine too and it doesn't work anymore. Was working fine yesterday.

  29. Seeing how both of our speakers are having issues, I'd say it's Google's problem. Just my hunch. I've submitted reports.

  30. Not on T-mobile, but Verizon has a patch today as well.

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