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  1. I swear at some point in the design process Jonah and Carmina were reversed or part of the planning had both roles for each of them as part of the brainstorming process, then they just took the perk effects they liked the most for killer and survivor and tried to flavor them to the combination they actually went with. Because both characters have perks that thematically fit the other's backstory more, like the literally tortured artist has remote sabotage perks and the pampered CIA desk jockey involved in drone strikes has perks about overcoming direct personal adversity? Overcome and Boon: Exponential both make more sense for a Carmina survivor, while both Pain Res and Grim Embrace make more sense for a killer Jonah ("the Agent" or the like).

  2. Wow, that actually makes a lot of sense. I think you’re on to something here

  3. It was such a HUGE thing in the PTB, but along with DS, now doesn't activate at endgame and I really don't see anyone using it anymore.

  4. Maybe a lot of people don’t have the perk. I still see people running BT DS Dead Hard like before the patch. And Self Care

  5. Same here, I despised it at first but when I realized how powerful Shadow Step is on this map I’ve been having a blast 😌

  6. Real talk if I ever see a killer throw this up, I will be fucking terrified

  7. Had a game where the Trapper sent us to RPD once, we did not have a good match 😅

  8. thats super weird to me, considering it was easier to win with weird builds before this update i've now had to rely on more predictable builds than ever before

  9. I think Off The Record alone is a good replacement for DS and BT, I feel more comfortable running fun perks knowing I will always have endurance for myself and BT basekit for teammates

  10. They have something like this on the NetEase DBD mobile beta. It’s so helpful! You can say things like “I’ll save!” “Focus on gens” “the killer is guarding the hook” “need help quick!” “The killer is near me” etc. We really need this in the base game for solo queue.

  11. Also we should be able to see our teammates perks, I just wanna know if people have OTR, DS or bringing any boons

  12. I think Lithe is not exactly the worst exhaustion perk, it's middle of the road but close to the upper exhaustion perks. I'd say in the current patch it's probably second only to Sprint Burst.

  13. Overcome is fun for zooming away from killer but not very reliable, also leaves you super vulnerable after unhooked

  14. I’m definitely team Killers Needed Buffs, because they did, but idk, just seems a little overbalanced right now. The meta for killers didn’t shake up at all, the way to win is to still run several gen regressions, and even the ones they nerfed (like Pop) still have value, and things like Call of Brine and Merciless Storm, Overcharge, Jolt etc are very very good. Then you have sleeper hits like STBFL. BHVR also accidentally buffed camping and tunneling as strats which…sucks lol.

  15. One thing I really like about this patch however is that OTR is now 3 perks in one(Iron will, BT, shadow step) and it feels so much better than using DS since you WILL get value both times you get unhooked.

  16. I may not make it out alive, but if I can stun the killer with Blast Mine + Head on + Flash Bang combo, I consider that a win 😌

  17. Ok real question, how do you know if a hex is haunted ground? I only know how to check for ruin but other than that it’s kinda hard to figure out

  18. PH mini mori cracks me up he barely breaks stride to just chop a mfer like it's not even a big deal

  19. It’s almost disrespectful… you can’t even take time to mori me properly?? 😡

  20. If it’s any encouragement, whenever I see my teammate is using a “super boon” loadout, I am very happy :)

  21. Depends, they are good perks but you are kind of limiting yourself to help your team. Also, so many times I have run this and watched my teammates get slugged out of my boon range and not even try to crawl to it for a free up.

  22. True, probably the only situation where it’s a good idea to try keep your boons up all game

  23. You gotta try Built to Last, Streetwise, Overzealous and Fast Track with a Green tool box, +12 charges and +8 charges. Just solo gens while the trio takes care of chases/unhooks. I'll end up doing 3-4 gens solo if I don't get chased off. It's not the fastest gen possible, but it's ~52 seconds (this is with 0 fast track tokens) solo which is insane.

  24. Ooh this is such a fun build idea, too bad I almost always gets found first whenever I run gen rushing build 🥲

  25. Don't immediately get on a gen in the begining.

  26. Oh I didn’t about that at all, I’ll keep that in mind!

  27. Wait... she has medkit and flashlight at the same time. What sorcery is this?

  28. Ooh imagine if you can equip two items. Technically they have two hands they can totally bring two items into the match

  29. And then there’s Leon who sounds like he is getting dicked down when he moans

  30. He’s so loud you can hear him through lockers 💀

  31. I couldn't agree more. He's such an absolute sweetheart <3

  32. sigh. Been waiting for CoH to be in the shrine for 6+ months...

  33. I just bought her for couple bucks when she’s on sale, super worth it imo

  34. Then you get matched against Bubba or Myers and it's basically worthless.

  35. True, or Legion, the entire lucky break gone in one hit :(

  36. It feels like someone on the team decided Meg is a tradwife or something, because we keep getting these weird "Jedediah says it'd be a sin to leave the compound"-ass cosmetics for her lately that look horrendous.

  37. Why is no one mentioning lucky break, it is the single most infuriating perk to lose to

  38. Oh man I just got Jonah yesterday for Overcome and I’ve been having so much fun using it with Lucky Break. It’s so easy to completely lose the killer

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