1. Love 1 & 5! I’d even crop them in a bit with how clear the subject looks. Great set!

  2. I really need to know how to transport them without damaging the leaves!🥹

  3. There was unfortunately one major leaf casualty. Services will be held this afternoon between 12-2PM 😢

  4. I absolutely love my 16-55. I did several long hikes in Europe last summer with it and I didn’t think it was too heavy on my X-T3. It’s of course heavier than my primes, but nothing compared to a full frame setup. It’s sharp and it auto focuses crazy fast

  5. I've seen some Reddit posts talking about this, I personally don't know why people hate it so much, maybe it is too much contrast putting a relatively modern logo into a retro vibes style watch. But I totally respect your point!

  6. Yeah idk what it is that doesn’t do it for me. I’d prefer if it was just a CW honestly. Which model are you leaning towards?

  7. Congrats! It looks like it fits you perfectly. What’s your wrist size if you don’t mind me asking?

  8. If this is for paid work I think the 33mm is a no brainer

  9. Get yourself an F2 prime! They are so small that you’ll find yourself carrying your camera more. At least that was the case for me

  10. That's exactly why I've never bothered to change it 🤣

  11. It took me FOREVER to get mine on and I’m too afraid to take it off now lol

  12. Could you post a picture? I’m considering getting that.

  13. I’ve stopped using eye af because of stuff like this. I’ve got the 33 and always use single point af to place the focus with more precision. Maybe try this out? Took me quite a while to figure this out.

  14. So you just single point focus and then move it over to the iris? Does that become difficult if you’re taking portraits where the subject is moving at all? I’m not trying to fire off 1000 shots in the exact some pose either tbf

  15. It only really matters when you get this close with such a small depth of field area. When I shoot portraits I put it in single point af, make the dot as small as possible and put the dot where you want the eye to be and then simply move the camera to focus on the eye. So not moving the dot while shooting with the joystick but rather using the camera. For me (XT4) this works MUCH better than using the eye af. Probably try it out yourself to see what I mean.

  16. Gotcha. Yeah that makes perfect sense! Just testing it out now and it seems like a solid method

  17. This is the first one of these I’ve seen where the pictures aren’t going so fast that I feel like I’m going to have a seizure. Well done!

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