1. I enjoy looking at the Super Strike killing animation.

  2. Damn, that is a fine discovery. Never knew this. Very good Mr. Cid.

  3. Still waiting on someone who trashed mmc to post a video of them doing it well. I've asked plenty of times. No answers.

  4. Not all hunters are like that… i use wrath of sarugami and am mostly a melee hunter with kunai and caltrops…. i hate those bow hunters who wipes waves…. As if they were doing anyone a favor….

  5. I can respect that. I play all characters using overpowered builds from SSB Hunter, bomb/Spirit Kunai spamming Ronin, Toxic Vanish Assassin, to fire/bomb/ult spam Samurai.

  6. I posted this in another recent thread about this topic….

  7. It is a nice write up and I agree with Mr. KazeFujimaru. It isn't a matter of, 'getting good' as the ranged builds/characters will have more of a presence than melee builds/characters. This will leave melee characters feeling left out or have less participation in the game because the ranged builds will get to enemies faster and kill faster. As suggested by Mr. KazeFujimaru, in a sequel there should be enemies that have resistances to poison, fire, and arrows. This way, melee and stealth attacks can be more useful in the battlefield. Yes, ranged attacks have more advantages in this game and in real life as well but this is fantasy and I am sure developers can find a way to balance it similar to God of War (2018) which you can stand back and easily spam ranged attacks while being safe at the cost of lower dps. The balance was higher dps in melee at the cost of your safety and efforts for God of War.

  8. It's just no fun chasing enemies around while Hunters just shoot everything from a nice vantage spot. I am pretty sure I just ended up doing f all this round because I got sick of running all around the map to find nothing to kill... But it takes one Hunter to suck the fun out of most rounds to me

  9. For future projects related to Ghost, I hope SPP tones down the ranged attacks and place more focus on katana combat. They can for example give Samurai small passive melee boosts but not to the point it is killing enemies fast like ranged attacks.

  10. Incredible work Mr. Touha! One of the best Assassins and Ghost players. This is legitimate skill here. Wave 9 was scary to watch.

  11. Since release, i always have play as a pure SAD assasin. I can tell you that your stealth kills number is only a bit lower of the expected number one usually achieve with 4 average players. Normally you will achieve 100/120 stealth kills if you have the optimized stealth setup, plus 20/30 melee kills. So it was a great performance especially if the other players were meta spammers.

  12. I definitely agree with you that the pure stealth Assassin (not Toxic Vanish and not headshot/ult spamming) along with a pure melee Samurai (no bombs and no smoke bombs) take the most skill to play. Getting the highest kills does not necessarily indicate the skill of the player especially if they are Skipping Stone Bow Hunters, bomb spammers, or if they spawn camp with a wave list at hand.

  13. Excellent post Mr. Touha. I wish stance switching was as easy and convenient as God of War (2018) by pressing the d pad and you can immediately flow from weapon to weapon or stance to stance. A lot of times, I experience unresponsiveness in the controls during stance switching or the character slows down when moving. There should not be a loss in momentum during stance switching. I also like the alternate melee controls as you can swing your sword and pan the camera at the same time to observe your surroundings. Unfortunately, for melee alternate controls stance switching becomes even more tedious and quickfire ghost weapons and ultimate are different button inputs which can feel unnatural and cause confusions.

  14. Quick question, can you perform mmc? I can’t (never tried) and won’t try because I enjoy my current builds, however I have seen a video of someone performing it consistently and damn it looks hard. What is the issue, because I can’t conceive of anything that could bother people about mmc other than they’re not “getting enough kills”? Yes it’s not as intended, but as others have mentioned there are sooooo many other tricks players have found invented themselves that no one seems to have as big an issue with. I almost always have the highest kill count, with or without an mmc player so is it a lack of skill or are you just mad someone has the hand dexterity to pull it off.

  15. I can perform it. It staggers enemies faster, builds more resolve than other stances, kills faster, and enemies don't bother parrying or avoiding it. I actually have a video to showcase how destructive it is. People incorporate MMC with ranged attacks to build more resolve and kill faster. There is a reason why people use it in speedruns for story and survival, and rivals. Every kill and hit from MMC adds up leading to more resolve than other stances so there is a difference indeed.

  16. It's an exploit called MMC (moon master cancel.) It's pretty much a cheep trick used by people so get high amounts of kills in a game where kills don't matter.

  17. Most likely it was MMC or Moon Master Cancel. I would recommend using water stance with water master or stone stance with stone master for dps. Water is good overall against most enemies and it is simple to use and stone stance has higher dps but has a hard time going on the offense against shields and quickly stun locking Mongol brutes. Surging strikes on water stance can quickly stun lock Mongol brutes in place.

  18. This is the coolest, most badass and impressive HellMode duo I’ve ever seen. These are two of the top Assassins in the community right here with incredible melee skills. If anyone wants to see what elite Assassin gameplay can be like with a melee focus and without exploits, these are two of the best players to watch and learn from.

  19. Totally agree man. Great sword gameplay. SPP needs to bring more emphasis on the katana instead of the ranged/Ghost weapons playstyle to balance the game.

  20. I have the strongest support, dps, carry, etc… all around monster build and it’s easy to play.

  21. What this Ghostie said. Ronin is very strong and easy to play. Still a monster at spawn/camp killing and wiping mobs with ease. I even wonder if the Black Powder bombs still might be too strong. For the stealth charm though, I use fire damage 20% on second property. I personally don't enjoy speed runs or spawn killing and prefer to sword fight as it is more fun this way but you can sacrifice smoke bomb for caltrops if you want more ghost weapon damage. Caltrops has lower cooldown than smoke and can roll munitions as a perk in patch 2.18. If you want to sacrifice safety or don't care about Oni Archers teleporting away from you at spawn points, I would replace smoke with caltrops for more Ghost weapon damage. If you want to spawn/camp kill or prefer to play it safely, use smoke over caltrops.

  22. Thank you for watching. Enjoy! 🙏

  23. Congratulations buddy! I run a build similar to your's for Plat 7. Will upload it when I get a chance. Going to enjoy watching your video, you deserve a relaxing break now master Assassin!

  24. 100% pure Samurai/katana action with no MMC, bombs, and smoke bombs.

  25. Indeed it is. It offers an endless spam of the attack with no kill animation to slow it down. It offers very high DPS. It gains resolve very fast as compared to a stone striker which costs resolve to use HS. It staggers enemies insanely well and fast. It also gives the player super armor properties. It also doesn't break vanish for assassin. It offers many advantages that other stances do not and it's basically a cheese tactic.

  26. Another thing Mr. Atom, just so others might not be aware of, enemies do not parry or evade MMC because I suspect the A.I. (artificial intelligence) simply does not register MMC button input by the human player. MMC obviously kills faster and I would argue it takes more skill, effort, and patience to play the game normally than using MMC. On top of that, MMC can hit multiple enemies if they are grouped together. It makes sense to hit multiple enemies if you commit to the 360 spins but MMC disobeys these physical interactions with a small animation cancel.

  27. Incredible achievement my friend! Once again showing how you are overall the most impressive and skilled player in the community imho.

  28. 100%, this dude is the king of solo for sure. He also did no smoke bomb, no bombs, and no MMC runs.

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