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  1. Maybe hes never openly pushed it but he just politically aligns with everyone who does except for the one part where they say it out loud

  2. Yea this is what I'm talking about. Saying that he "politically aligns" with people is vague nonsense that you're using to project bullshit onto him. I could just as well say someone like Hasan "politically aligns" with Stalin (he does seem to enjoy USSR iconography after all) so clearly he must be in favor of genocide but just doesn't say it out loud. It's bullshit and it's projection, Tim Pool explicitly says and does plenty of shit that you can hate on him for, so maybe focus on that stuff instead of making up bullshit.

  3. I mean I agree with your point for the most part but this very post is him recording with Fuentes and Milo, and it’s not like he spent the interview scolding their extremism

  4. You are literally commenting on a clip where they all left the interview because he pushed back on their extremism... What do you want him to do? Chase them down and continue telling them how much he disagrees?

  5. You ever level up a weapon you'll probably never use because you just want to get rid of all the 3* fodder you've collected?

  6. I level up weapons because I want their alternate colorw unlocked in my compendium :]

  7. would you keep or fodder a crit rate deepwood circlet with 20% atk, 42 em, 7.8% cdmg and 16 flat atk? like technically these arent bad rolls but it feels so cope idk if anyone would want it

  8. These other responses have no idea, this is a really good circlet for any support running a fav weapon, most don't care about crit dmg and the EM is decent, its only lacking ER which might not even matter.

  9. Have you ever heard of limited liability?

  10. It is a very famous legal principle that limits the risk owners face.

  11. It's not a legal principle it's a corporate structure. Not every business has limited liability, and there are drawbacks to being an LLC. I'm still not sure what the point you're getting at is though, so what if you have limited liability? It doesn't mean there's zero risk, it just mitigates risk, you can still lose everything you invested into your business.

  12. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the dad probably knows more than some randos on reddit lol.

  13. lol this is pure ass-speak. do you have any idea how few commercial airline disasters there have been in literally 100 years of aviation?

  14. Sir this is reddit. We don't let the truth get in the way of our narrative.

  15. Basically to get up to Legend all you need is to know how to farm decently. That's it, that's all you need, you will win 80% of your games if you are just farming properly and then joining teamfights once you are farmed.

  16. This is cope. If you can't end the game before 40 mins at guardian bracket you have fucked up very badly.

  17. People used to say Childe was not viable (or at least very weak) without c6 back during his first banner, I remember arguing against them. Fun times.

  18. Is the (character healing effectives +15%) of maidens beloved 2 pc bonus the same as that of 2pc ocean hued clam (healing bonus +15%)

  19. They are the same in terms of healing but the maiden's 2 pc is not part of your "healing bonus" stat, so it will not benefit Kokomi's 4th ascension passive or anything else that cares specifically about healing bonus as a stat.

  20. I pay $15 per month, an extra $30 on my birthday, and anything above that is strictly a reward for achieving something, eg when I hit a certain goal at the gym or something I buy a bundle as a reward for myself. All together that's maybe $250-$300 per year? Pretty reasonable for a game I put so much time into I think.

  21. I mean, they can be used, they're just not very good and/or practical...

  22. Zhongli is usable, I 36-starred previous abyss using him as my on-fielder with x4 gladiator and a hydro goblet, plus Candace and c6 Fischl as supports. Works well.

  23. For a tenth of that I could hire a team of peasants that would ensure no peasants interrupted my meal.

  24. A tenth? We pay some guys the equivalent of $70 per month each to basically watch our gate and make sure nobody bugs us, and occasionally open/close it when we drive through. That's higher than average pay for that kind of job here so they're both quite happy about it. For a tenth of this bill you could get their entire village out to guard you during every meal you eat for a year.

  25. Old reddit with adblock and you never have to see an ad. New reddit is dogshit anyway, don't know whose bright idea it was to have 2/3rds of my screen be useless empty space.

  26. I honestly hope that humanity will overcome this type of professional sports one day...

  27. It will depend on the units you have to support them and to build a second team with. For example, Childe is probably the best but his best team requires Bennett and Xiangling, therefore you will be committing all three of these units to the same team on abyss, which might leave your second team quite weak. On the other hand, if you choose Itto you can have him and his geo teammates on one side and you can use your Bennett and Xiangling on the other side with units like kazuha, sucrose, xingqiu, yelan, etc... But if you don't have Itto's geo supports (gorou and either Zhongli or Albedo) then Itto with other teammates won't be as good.

  28. Oh so now you agree that there are vestigial responses but you draw the line at vestigial organs?

  29. Another thing I can't really grasp. Items. In lol heroes have scalings (AD, AP, and sometimes Tank) so some people build AD, some build AP and some go Tank. What the actual fuck is going on in Dota tho? And why do i have 9 active items?

  30. You have to understand that Dota has a totally different balance philosophy compared to League when it comes to items and what they do. The general way League balances is to give you weak, spammable abilities, and then allow you to make these abilities more powerful or more spammable by building items. To give an example I will use AP from LoL and compare it to how Dota does things. In LoL you generally have a spell that is not really that powerful, but as you build AP and cooldown reduction, it becomes more powerful over time. Your Champion has a full and complete kit in his abilities, and generally is able to get the full value from his spells if you use them correctly, but the full value of these spells is not very high in and of itself, instead you need AP and perhaps CDR to scale these abilities up to the point that they become powerful.

  31. I've never seen an example of 'rules for thee, not for me' as clearly laid out as he has over the past week.

  32. Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequence. Their free speech is protected, they can still say whatever they want on twitter. It's no different from some guy saying the n-word on twitter and then complaining that his company fired him when they saw it, it's not a free speech issue it's a stupidity issue.

  33. Right I was just going to block you for using autism as an insult but this response is to utterly stupid and vapid to ignore.

  34. Suggestion: Add Tide Hunters Physical build

  35. Disagree, guides like this are meant for new or low skill/casual players and the meta of high mmr pubs is irrelevant to them. If you are still at a point where you need to be using a guide then you should not be building physical tidehunter.

  36. "I don't know how to be a good person. Here's millions of dollars. Do it for me."

  37. This is the most reddit take imaginable. Good lord you people.

  38. Another person who stopped reading my comment after the first line...

  39. The second line doesn't make the first one any less cringe.

  40. What’s a type of unit that, hypothetically, could make use of candace

  41. c6 fischl + any melee unit who attacks fast. I used her with Zhongli to clear abyss, works great.

  42. I’m guessing the reason girls didn’t like him before was more about his personality than his appearance. Hopefully he’ll realize the at one day.

  43. So his appearance got better and his personality got worse, and from this you managed to conclude that girls didn't like him before because of his personality... Even though they like him now...?

  44. If it wasn't his looks, then explain why he's getting girls now since he's become handsome? His personality stayed the same.

  45. Hey, leave your basic logical thinking out of this! It's getting in the way of our narrative!

  46. Which is why the priest should make a statement to the mom, grandmother, and the congregation that such baptisms do not count as they have been tainted.

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