AITA for moving out while my parents are on vacation.

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  1. Yeah. Experience that comes with age. You begin to realize how short life is, how little time you have left, and how listening to people who don't compose anything in your life is a waste of time. And you just get comfortable in your own skin. We all get old, we all age, we all have to go through the same crud in life... so who cares about others. I have no time for that.

  2. Contrary to us Puerto Ricans, we always say we're Puerto Rican, whether we were born there, or on the Moon.

  3. Why does Devin Booker, 6ix9ine, Jenna Ortega all claim Mexican even though they are mixed with pr

  4. I think by and large, my experience with non-native Puerto Ricans has always been that they are like "super" Puerto Rican. hee hee :)

  5. They might have had more influence from Mexican culture/parenting/relatives. We are what we feel we are, after all.

  6. For me, journaling is something I do when I need the "release" of it -- not a daily chore, or else, it becomes burdensome and misses the point of it.

  7. From many of the "scary stories" shared on YouTube, if I assume they are true, I think my biggest concern for them is that it doesn't seem to click for them when it's time to call the police, 9-1-1, or the fire department. They need to text their friend Becky that someone's breaking into their house, first.

  8. I am a very short person. 4'9. I had to fly next to a very tall and lanky guy who kept not just taking my arm rest (I was in the middle seat), but also kept side elbowing me a lot so he could work on his tablet, watch movies, whatever. I was very irritated, but also felt bad for the guy being so tall and in such a small space. He just didn't fit well at all in there, and airlines anymore just don't care about travel comfort -- just squeezing every dime out of people.

  9. It's nice writing. I read it quite easily, and what was a bit more challenging, I figured out by context. I had to go over "breaks" and "gives" a few times, but overall, it is very legible.

  10. Haha yes, I thought maybe I was colored blind. A lot of people here are having a hard time below being the US is very dangerous. It’s been going downhill for quite sometime.

  11. Definitely, it is. I wish it weren't so. I live in a very small town with hardly any crime, but last year, the neighbor across the street got murdered... so there goes that. Can't be too careful anymore.

  12. I’m sorry to hear that. We actually moved away from California because in our small city, which is a upper middle class area, started having a lot of armed robberies. We thought we’d be safe from the cities crime, but when it reached us we knew it was time to go. Now we’re in Texas and our town is very safe but we’re near San Antonio and there’s a lot of crime/gang violence there. Things also took a turn for the bad when the idiot governor decided to legalize open carry

  13. I live in the Upper Midwest, so it shouldn't be this bad... but... I think things are very unstable for a lot of people right now. All the mass shootings, and economic stress. It gets to people.

  14. I am an atheist, and I met them in a group for secular Latinos. We just talked a lot as friends, and became close over time. Then after a bad breakup with my former partner, they invited me over to their family's house for the holidays so I wouldn't be alone. We just hit it off and never looked back. Been together 7 years now.

  15. I hate this with all my heart. We need to love ourselves and who we are, and who we are comes in all colors and flavors. I now live in a northern Midwest state where it seems that people only imagine Latinos as being very dark skinned. I get a lot of people not realizing I am Latina and making awful comments because they think I'm gonna be their racist buddy. I usually let them go on and on talking, until they ask me where I'm from. The sheer shock and embarrassment on their faces is delicious. One lady outright said to me that I couldn't be Latina because "those people are dark." heh. Of course, she was like 300 years old, so geography was a little dated. lol

  16. We Puerto Ricans are more than happy to claim her. We are the Borg. We'll claim anyone.

  17. Because historically, Latin America is not just a language designation, but also a geographic designation, to distinguish it from the Anglo north. But Latinos consider others also Latinos if they originated from that area, and now live in the north -- even if those areas are NOT technically "Latin America" per se. Hilariously (to me, anyway), I've also seen people from Spain (Spanish) calling themselves Latinos. heh :) It is a Latin language after all, I guess. Maybe ask Hilaria Baldwin her opinion. hee hee

  18. Different brand but I just had this issue with my Dell and it basically killed what was otherwise a fine computer. My laptop was only 3.5 years old too, so not exactly ancient…

  19. I lucked out because mine was just under 6 months, which meant it was still under warranty. So I took it back to Best Buy, and when they tried to charge me, I said "why should I have to pay for something that is not my fault at all? The machine already came with Windows 11 and this was supposed to be an update -- I was not installing it new on an older machine." So they grudgingly fixed it for free, and all I paid was the $50 for a new gaming SSD card replacement.

  20. NTA. Wow, OP. You are never in the wrong for wanting to care for your sick child. I am incredibly shocked at this situation you are in. I don't have much else to go on from this post, but this sounds like a toxic, abusive relationship, where this man is using money to keep you isolated from others, and from being able to do anything on your own. Listen, this is abusive behavior. Not allowing you to care for what is also his child, is abusive behavior. He is gaslighting you to make you feel like you're the bad one, but in reality -- he's the problem here. I am concerned for your safety and the safety of your child. You should be able to be free in your own home and not imprisoned like this. OP, consider making a safety plan with your family... or friends... consider finding a place or space where you can get out. Yes. Please consider getting out. This is NOT okay, and NOT normal.

  21. NTA. You're an adult and you have the right to move out and make your own life. You're not their hired maid, or cook, or anything else they've been using you for so that they and their son can have "the life." Good on you. And stick to your guns.

  22. YTA. Too many people cut off their parenting and support as soon as a kid turns 18, as if they had fully grown by then. They haven't. People don't even reach full maturity to around 27 years of age. Young adults make boatloads of mistakes, and we should try to do our best to help them launch as fully functional, independent adults. Perhaps it was a better plan to just advise your daughter that if she didn't use the money for school by a certain date that it would then have an expiration date for her, and be repurposed for other things. I especially recoil at the idea of you blowing all that money on a frigging kitchen, over your daughter's future. It sounds like a really petty way of just making the $$ disappear, just to stick it to your daughter because she got a boyfriend you didn't like -- especially considering you're short on retirement money yourself.

  23. NTA. A lot of people don't get type 1 diabetes, or insulin dependent diabetes, and how dangerous it is to not have foods readily available to keep your sugars in line. A person who depends on insulin because they do not produce their own can DIE from a low blood sugar episode, or go into a comma, in a matter of hours sometimes. Your child should be able to have the snacks he needs, BUT... I have a few suggestions:

  24. Yeah sometimes they make absolutely stupid decisions just like the one where the boyfriend heard something in the attic and checks

  25. I always cringe at the stories of people asked to deliver something, like a pizza or a package, into a weird location or up into someone's closet or something. Some guy was asked to deliver a package up into an upstairs closet in a bedroom, and he almost went all the way up in there! Like what?! lol

  26. Oh gawd, EAH. Racist bully kid, and parents that let her grow up entitled and without any real consequences. Just sad and pathetic.

  27. NTA. As someone who English is also not their first language, I've had to do interviews in my native language (Spanish), so they could "make sure" I was fluent, but with people who were terrible speakers themselves. It's awkward, to be honest. It also feels like shit being judged by someone who can't speak it well, at all. lol You wouldn't last a day in my country, lady interviewer! hehe

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