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  1. I think you forgot to switch accounts before agreeing with yourself my man lol

  2. I really don’t get this. I think we get this alot when someone is so dominant that anything that happens we over exaggerate. In reality, looking at the stats Shev scored 234 strikes to Santos 128 strikes, and both had 3 takedowns each. Don’t get me wrong it’s the most Human we’ve seen Valentina at Flyweight but imo no way close.

  3. Telling two of her closest people isn’t telling all of guys.

  4. I’m sorry, but there’s no way you’re trying to make the case that they did the same thing. Danica told two people she knew weren’t going to spread it and who she trusted. Billy told everyone it didn’t even matter if he was close to them or not. He bragged about what he did. She also found out right after he friend-zoned her, which was also exactly after he did stuff with her, which is so shitty. He didn’t need to do stuff with her and give her this false perception that they were both on the same page, only to dump her the next day and tell everyone. Maybe channel some human decency. Adam Collard said it himself he was in the wrong. ADAM COLLARD.

  5. I never said exactly the same , but same in principle. To me just seems like theatrics egged on by the other girls more than Danica herself, but what do I know.

  6. Paige is a hypocrite, “what happen’s in Casa stays in Casa” unless its Jacs or the boys

  7. Yeah deffo muggy but she should keep the same energy with the girls. That way her emotions can be respected

  8. Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely try this. However, I don’t have bountiful wells/elemental ordnance so I’m not sure what to swap in for those. Also what does cwl stand for?

  9. Perhaps reaping well maker/elemental charge/firepower x3. If you don’t have reaping, then elemental armaments will make due

  10. Completely unrelated but you seem knowledgeable, do you put on elemental ordinance when doing stasis turret build with osmiomancy? I want to produce wells as well as use turrets. I've been doing elemental shards on 1 piece and just 1 firepower lately and don't know if I'm f'ing it up.

  11. Can one attain the flawless seal by completing a gilded triumph as opposed to safe harbor?

  12. I think everyone is so used to seeing Shev flawless anytime she loses any engagement it’s a omg moment. In reality, Talia posed no danger on the feet, but had better bjj. Talia’s shortcoming was her inability to use more ground strikes to set up her subs. I had it 3-2 to Shev. No robbery in sight, 49-46 nuts tho

  13. I think everyone is so used to seeing Shev flawless anytime she loses any engagement it’s a omg moment. In reality, Talia posed no danger on the feet, but had better bjj. Talia’s shortcoming was her inability to use more ground strikes to set up her subs. I had it 3-2 to Shev. No robbery in sight, 49-46 nuts tho

  14. Mind Flayer is probably the boss and Vecna works for him. The Mind Flayer is normally surrounded by storms in the upside down and literally looks like black smoke/clouds.

  15. Here is my issue. Please feel free to correct me if Im wrong, Im not a Destiny guru.

  16. Unfortunately your right, I don’t get why bungie doesn’t let us buy all of them whenever

  17. Reminder that grenade kickstart and vortex is a bad combo. If you're running Old Gods you should have bolstering detonation instead, which lets you run well of utility too, and will occasionally double proc if you have the extension fragment

  18. Learn something new everyday. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll give it a try tonight

  19. Don’t know about other platforms but on PS5 you and her can change your date to couple days ahead in console settings and when you match make it will load you into games with just you two. This only works for tower and pve. It takes a while longer to start a game too because the game is trying to find a third, but after a minute or so it will put you in.

  20. Anyone know how to get a critical roll for the “critical insight” triumph this season?

  21. Just gotta get lucky. I rolled a handful of times, no dice, wife rolled once for the deepsight and got it refunded.

  22. Anyone know how to get a “critical roll” for the critical insight triumph?

  23. Anyone have any idea how to complete the Critical Insight triumph in Season of the Risen. Apparently you have to get a “critical roll” at the war table.

  24. No clue yet. Apparently you need the umbral echo upgrade at the war table (4th on the bottom row) which I will get at reset. No idea what that will do though

  25. wasn't it in Canal yesterday? or am I going mad?

  26. I got kicked from a team because I used an smg that wasn’t funnelweb.. and mine was a solar weapon which in my opinion is much more useful in this raid. I don’t understand some players. My damage was top notch, call outs on point and I was patient after every wipe. No emblem for me

  27. Looool this is the funniest one I seen yet. The funnelweb hype is real rn smh

  28. We had a group that basically learn all the raid besides the bossfight without outside info and needed to replace a guy the next day and they almost refuse to use our callouts (ex. we called Greif , Heartless) then they kept asking "what the streamers did" and told us to "watch a video" while he ate.

  29. What a fool. I had the same issue. He kept tryna force us to do the bungie call outs but which we all eventually did but he didn’t even know em himself

  30. No. You gotta do all encounters. Check triumphs for the raid in the Witch Queen section

  31. Guys, will I still have access to my season pass items like exotic engrams etc in witch queen or should I claim them now?

  32. I would claim them now. The only way to access previous season pass stuff in SOTL was by using an old version of the D2 app, and it does not seem like Bungie even intended for us to be able to do that. Maybe the same is possible next season, but maybe not.

  33. Was gifted tier 100 Omega on day 1. After droppin in, I seen a sweaty John Wick who noticed me from a distance and instantly crouched, frozen in terror lol

  34. The problem with just pushing an enemy with floor loot is that the floor loot is random and the person I’m pushing can have a major advantage cause they got a better better gun due to rng. Also why did they need to be a change? If my team lands in and wins a poi and has tons of cash early why should we wait the same amount of time to get load out as a squad was has all died and then landed in the middle of nowhere with no money

  35. Here’s the issue… this is coming from a top 1% pov and my group of friends, one of whom is a streamer. The game has been slowed down a ton in high elo because of this change. The objectively best thing you can do in a game now is: land, kill everyone around, wait for kits, then proceed to push teams. Why not push teams before kits? Because at this elo it often comes down to who has the better weapon rather than skill. If both players are hitting their shots, the weapon with the lower ttk will win out the majority of the time, or the weapon with the better attachments/less recoil, etc. Therefore, the outcome of pushing a team becomes sort of a coin flip, because the playing field isn’t leveled (as leveled as it could be if everyone had kits) in terms of firepower. If you do decide to push a team and the fight becomes extended, or you get third partied, making it last until after kits land, you often times then end up getting pushed by a team that just got their kits, resulting in a loss. So waiting around until kits is the most logical choice, the problem with that is that it’s boringgggg

  36. I hear you. Tbh me and my friends are high k/d’s but from my experience we don’t have that issue. Granted your point about floor loot 100% makes sense but at that high elo you can still push teams if you approach the situation effectively with your team. Only place where I run into what your saying is definitely out in the wilderness, where I must admit there’s alot of in this map. I respect your opinion though

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