1. How is the difficulty and which did you play on?

  2. You should have slapped both of them for being rude.

  3. I can't find decants for apple brandy anywhere. 😭

  4. I have it and it’s glorious delicious beautiful!

  5. Were you able to test it before you bought it or was it a lucky blind buy?

  6. Get rid of them and get some quality niche fragrances.

  7. I’m sorry that would be Herod or Tobacco Vanille

  8. What? I understand not liking it as personal preference but it is a legitimately unisex scent. Very dark, spicy and lots of depth. I've had great reactions wearing and women love this one on a guy from my experience. Especially when dressed up for an occasion!

  9. Dude has a ton of niche and indie scents, it's not his fault your fragrance testing experience is limited or you're unable to read more than a few lines of text.

  10. I looked at what you've recommended recently and I think OP is fine on his own lol.

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