1. Alomomola lost its scales because when two luvdisc find a partner they release them and evolve. Alomomola is an evolution that can only happen in nature.

  2. New Zealand lover here. I'd love to be able to play in those gorgeous lands, enjoying its mountains and lakes.

  3. Also, is speed so important having prankster? I would invest in defenses instead.

  4. The Eggs' names are too hard to spell. Sporcle requires the correct spelling so of the people that remember them, i'm sure many just give up after a couple guesses.

  5. Ex egg cute. It was used to be a beautiful egg sounds better for a pokemon name.

  6. This is incredibly stupid. So my shiny breloom can't get spore? Great. Amazing.

  7. Maybe with the picnic? Put a shroomish with spore and a breelom with 3 moves and then you will. A bit more uncomfortable but meh, it's pokemon, I'm still waiting for a custom IV cap

  8. Clodsire will be more of singles wall. It’ll suffer from all my friends are dead syndrome in doubles, much like regular quag.

  9. I skipped the last 4 games because I "voted with my wallet" and all those games had smashing sales records.

  10. Actually they have improved a lot with PLA. SV is a downgrade but I really hope a patch that improves performance, at least to improve the FPS rate.

  11. The no IV lowering thing is a shame. You should be able to totally custom the IVs with a cap. Not just 31 or 0. Sometimes there are cases when you need something different. For example, a Stakataka attack beast boost is only possible with 0-2 IVs and lowering defense nature. You can set it to 0 but 2 is better for that specific strategy.

  12. Stak uses a 17 Def IV + Lonely nature not 0-2

  13. It’s British, and Brits and Spaniards are natural enemies. Just like French and Spaniards. Or Portuguese and Spaniards. Or Spaniards and Spaniards. Damned Spaniards, they ruined Spain

  14. It needs a patch to fix the performance issues. Appart from that, it's a nice game. But PLA is better.

  15. found him in my bed watching TV.. not sure what to do with him.

  16. 1984, George Orwell. la estoy leyendo después de mucho postergarla y es excelente.

  17. But it alredy is a pokemon tho?

  18. Totally agree. In fact, I think that once the HAs are released in the starters, 2 of the 3 will be important in competitive.

  19. For the starters as well? Then 2 of them or maybe even all them will appear quite a lot in the first rounds of competitive.

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