‘Florida is the place where woke goes to die,’ DeSantis says

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  1. e won't live that long...burgers will do him in.

  2. Yanks got it backward - surge at the end of the season, not the beginning - wait'l next year!

  3. He's watching Jessie Owens kicking the crap out of his white supremacists.

  4. Rory...the butt wiper who said: "I will kick his ass" when he was about to get HIS ass kicked by Tiger. Worst prediction in golf history!

  5. Ha, Ha insiders are turning tRump in - that, to me is where the MAGA's weakness is...people are sick of tRump's antics and crime. "LOCK THE F'er UP"

  6. Arrest him and drag the "MAGA Queen" over to Georgia and find out why he was trolling for votes in a state he does not live in. "LOCK HIM UP"

  7. Someone should check tRump's lower bowel exit - I bet it's puckered up so bad even Ivanka can't fix it.

  8. Technically, a ball is not officially lost until it stops rolling.

  9. Keep this MAGA ass-wiper in court for years and years - take ALL his money and give it to the kids shot up in school shootings.

  10. Give Boebert-Head an HS equivalency teast -see what happens first.

  11. Well, the drug taking explains a lot. Now you know!

  12. Can't we all just see the difference in treatment for gay, black, women...EVEN IN RUSSIA? Just like home in the USA!

  13. Hey New York - Bus back to Texas all your homeless and drug addicts -No sense of all those busses going back empty.

  14. Weed was against the law in California and it still is in Russia. No one is above the law. Blow the smoke out your ass.

  15. So why are we trying to trade an international war criminal to free her

  16. Anybody who goes to a foreign country better know the laws - I say leave her there for a few years. Ignorance is no excuse. Why even go there when we are in a proxy war with Russia? Better question - how did she get a visa to go there?

  17. So stupid - Hey, Joe - they don't vote in midterms and hardly vote in presidential elections.

  18. Boomers went to the streets to get 18-year-olds the right to vote - too bad the ensuing generations were too busy playing video games to use that hard-fought right.

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