1. Recently Ive avoided shatter and crumbles and just going for Rosins, Budders and syringes, just seems so easy to handle , Have a good one ps: Try one of those Liquid Shatter Carts if you can, They taste rich and last a long time, I was impressed

  2. Honestly, I only shop at Trulieve for my concentrates. No one beats the quality concentratesnthey have. The Budder, Suga, Live Resin and THC-A are all regular purchases of mine. They have good deals fairly often. And regular Prices good to begin with. I can make 3 grams of liven resin last me about 2 weeks. I'm pretty content with that. But we'll see if that increases now that I've got the peak pro.

  3. Don't spend that much at once, esp. on stuff you're not sure about, shop wisely

  4. This was a terrible experience for me. I have never gotten such bad concentrate from the dispensary before. As a matter of fact every concentrate I've ever gotten from there really is garbage. But that's just me. I don't shop there anymore except for flower, because their prices are so discounted.

  5. Yeah, take your negativity over here to my yard and get to work!

  6. Eh man, I've always wanted one of those but my last e-rig got way to gunky and gross. Does this one get that way?

  7. My last E rig, (Carta vape rig), lasted me almost three years until I accidentally broke it. You got to keep them clean. I clean mine after each and every single use. And then a deep cleaning almost every weekend. This puffco peak Pro is absolutely no exception.

  8. I am loving it so far. Dialing it in. Making sure not to overdo it though. Boy oh boy this thing is for healthy lungs.

  9. So far I like it. Can't notice any difference with it though. I'll use it till it's gone.

  10. Got great deal for puffco Peak Pro and Puffco Hot Knife, together. $400.00 cash, no tax. Anyone ever try "Piece" water solution? Supposedly smoother hits and able to clean equipment easier. We'll see....

  11. Heard Oregon was seriously cheaper than us down here.

  12. I'd like to read more of what you've written . I've been writing for 30yrs now. It's very special to me.

  13. This is quality work. Impressive. Writing long?

  14. Supposedly gives smoother hits and able to clean equipment easier.

  15. I did it! Got an awesome deal at local head shop. $400.00 cash with hot knife, no tax! Picked up ball cap and ordered the 3D chamber. Anyone ever tried "piece" water? I was told to try using this instead of regular distilled water. ?? The fun begins!

  16. After many hours of internet search. I didn't feel comfortable making my purchase from any of the sites off of vapospy. Com. I am purchasing from a local head shop later this morning. Called around yesterday and found an awesome place that'll let me take it out the door cash, with no tax for $400.00. It's not too bad a deal. I feel safer with that. I read waaaay too much drama when others who've purchased through some of those sites.


  18. Nah, not just you! They are the absolute worst and anyone saying it’s the pact act GFY! I bought from them on 4/04/22 they were doing the 420 sale early! Big mistake, first having the audacity to make people believe if they pay “insured shipping” which was like 30 bucks that’s they only way to get a refund if the USPS option was used! “If you don’t choose insured shipping, if you package doesn’t get delivered or lost it’s on YOU! NO! THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS AND MY AMEX CARD SAYS OTHERWISE! THAT was the first sign that I shouldn’t purchase from them! It took nearly two months to get all of my order! Numerous emails sent and what’s funny if you send an email, they don’t respond until like 72- 96 hours later and if you send an email in that window, for some odd reason they say your email goes to the end of the response que for them so you could wait 3-8 days for an email response! When they did respond it’s “oh let me check that for you and I’ll get back to you” WHAT? tf you mean “let me check that” gave the order number and my name and also reply to my confirmation email of my order so there should be no problems when I send the email they should’ve checked before emailing me back! HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, EXPERIENCE! Cheap prices and even cheaper an unprofessional business practices and the same can be said for customer service! They seem to do drop service with some distributors because there is no way I order some shit and then 35 days later it’s “oh sorry that item is on back order” ? Backorder? How? My overall experience and takeaway is save yourself time and aggravation. Don’t mind just waiting on your order for extended amounts of time then have at it! I’d rather spend my money with people and businesses who actually value their customers! HAD TO EDIT, WAS HIGH BUT IM STILL HIGH ON THE EDIT6/11/22

  19. It makes me happy to finally see someone exhaling thru their nose like me

  20. I was once told by exhaling Through our noses, we stimulate more senses and therefore get "higher"? Hmm

  21. Too much man. Too much! OK, ok. Just enough! Righteous work!

  22. Standing on one foot while doing this works even better!

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