1. Smoke free rules apply to every kind of smoke technically, and I’m not saying it’s exactly fair or justified that nobody cares about weed as much as they do cigarettes. But personally, having been around lots of both, tobacco smell indoors is about a million times more unpleasant than weed. Also it last forever…

  2. In practice, not much you can do. But it’s absolutely your business as a pedestrian to want the park rules to be enforced.

  3. Metro North and the 7 train to the US Open will be among the safest places in the city. It’s crazy to think otherwise.

  4. Maybe your walls are thick or your neighbors don’t care, maybe this will work out, but bottom line:

  5. Highly reccomend. Not cheap for the full experience, but it’s a unique place that’s a joy to explore. And plenty of ways to still have fun for a lot less $$ than the “full” experience.

  6. Those are the only two places I’ve lived in NYC, and they are hard to compare. Very different lifestyles… LIC is beautiful and relatively quiet (except the park on really busy days). But the downside of that relative quiet is that you have comparatively few amenities. With all the residential construction last decade, some of it is coming around, but it’s still relatively unserved in terms of retail.

  7. Check out they have a ton of partners across the city, def some right close to Penn, that will store your luggage for an hourly or daily fee.

  8. Bounce is completely unreliable in my single, terrible experience with them. Sent me to a UPS Store that promised me I could get my bag at 9am the next day/ lady didn’t open the place until 11! Almost missed my flight.

  9. The more I get mad about this and the more I try to do something about it, the worse it gets. The NYPD runs this city, not any elected civilian official. It's disgusting. But I don't see what can be done about it short of some fairly radical ideas that are probably going to get me banned from this sub and/or arrested and or murdered by cop.

  10. I prefer to work from the office and I live about 25 min away. Home definitely has its appeal, but there’s a lot to be said for the mental separation and proper equipment/environment of work.

  11. Some bicycle gestapo lackey will probably call me a "car-brain" again for saying this, but it seems to me that bicyclists want no rules for themselves and access to every roadway and footpath available.

  12. Cars routinely fail to signal, run red lights, commit illegal u-turns, park illegally in unsafe spaces, but we tend to think of those people as specific assholes, not indicative of all auto drivers.

  13. I've thought about this for so long, and never quite come to a good conclusion. It's just so circumstantial. Newark is probably the best overall on the actual airport grounds, but it's a disaster getting there. LaGuardia is really nice now with the renovations and definitely easiest to get to by car, but its lack of subway access is a huge problem... Also the car flow around the airport grounds still sucks.

  14. There is a shuttle bus that stops in front of each terminal on the arrivals level- you should see sandwich board style signs I think. It takes you to port authority, near penn station or near grand central by bus for about $15 I think (but it’s been awhile)

  15. There are many circumstances in which I’d say the bus shuttle is the best way— outside of peak commuter hours, the train schedule can be hit or miss (that is, you’d be waiting a long time.) so for future purposes or even your return trip, here’s the shuttle website:

  16. Being unable to distinguish between a policy argument and a personal one.

  17. Still a bit early for 9/1 openings, it should get much better in the next week or so. But it’s tight generally so won’t be a lot.

  18. More and more this sub just feels like one huge troll

  19. ...Secondary issue I guess, but this could be important depending on where this dispute goes or how much you get into the factual details:

  20. Thanks for the info. I do not know if she has a litter box in the room or not and she lets him out of the room several times a day, so now I assume it’s to let him pee. Also, she often sprays the place with air freshener so she has to know.

  21. Uggh that’s terrible. Air freshener does nothing for cat piss. Good luck.

  22. Entirely contextual. Ubers are way more expensive now, but can be relied upon anywhere with internet connection. cabs hit and miss outside of Manhattan

  23. At a policy level, political leaders have accurately ascertained that there is little support for continuing any kind of hard covid mitigation rules like capacity restrictions and hard mask mandates.

  24. I think you mean smoking in parks, and that was never really enforced. It was more of a public shaming thing than anything else.

  25. It wasn’t enforced but you could reasonably tell someone then and they’d comply. I recently asked someone who was smoking a cigar at their table in a shed and was called a little bitch and the son wanted to fight me. Restaurant did nothing when I complained to the staff, we paid and left. Pretty sure they were from out of town (Jersey/Long Island).

  26. Sounds about right, re the restaurant situation. It’s hopeless

  27. Really? That’s crazy to me. Asking us, as a matter of official policy, to ask people to stop doing things that bother us sounds like a good way to get people beat up.

  28. “New York” means much more than the place, literally. It stands for an idea, a goal. Those seven letters convey risk, uncertainty, achievement and excitement. A lot of people want none of the first two but crave the second two, and it frustrates them that they’re not bold enough to pursue the latter two at the expense of the first two. That translates to hate, even though there’s a shitload of envy in there too.

  29. Your title isn't that they "don't" it says that they "can't". And you claim a criterion for which ones "can" and "can't", but the article doesn't say anything about that.

  30. Indeed - the point of this link is that the tournament commonly referred to as the British Open isn’t technically called that, and it’s a point of distinction for that tournament, because it emphasizes its history and prestige. No other tournament could get away with such a vague name, but The Open can because it’s so old it really was the first, so at first no modifier was needed, and today it’s so famous and important no modifier is needed.

  31. There are times of day and parts of town that feel very much like it was pre-pandemic. Was just on an uptown 5 train this morning around 8 that was classic old-school shoulder-to-shoulder.

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