1. You get faster responses in discord.

  2. Don’t you need your eyes open to see that

  3. Would you sleep better in cozy room that looks and feels nice vs a concrete block with a bed?

  4. You bought the regular edition, if you’d bought the ultimate edition before it went on sale, it’d be a different story.

  5. Why, just tell us why you didn’t just simply connect them.

  6. It is made with save editing, you import the ship file into one of your current ship slots, and it’ll show up as a ball, or you can get people on discord to make one for you.

  7. Im just confused on how they made a giant biodome, I have the unlimited base building mod, but even still the biodome cant reach that size.

  8. Loud children, racists, xenophobes and crashers. That's pretty much all the annoying people grouped up

  9. I seriously can’t escape people with Ku Klux Klan avatar’s.

  10. Sorry, I can’t talk right now.

  11. Switch doesn’t have multiplayer, so you can’t trade. There’s a guy in BGS who found the seed and is giving them away, though.

  12. In the discord server currently

  13. is it possible to share the seed for the ship? :)

  14. When I get home ill get on the save editor and look at the seed

  15. If you mind, would you be willing to trade this with me, Im on pc and I don’t feel like buying nms on the switch.

  16. New updates tend to break mods.

  17. Tumbleweed Saloon from Red Dead?

  18. On the wii version, I switched from OpenGL to direct11, and the map showed for me, also enabling EFB copy made the game look good as well as kept the map

  19. Saw a guy running around with a K.K.K outfit playing Stand Up and Be Counted through their mic.

  20. Why put in time and effort when you can make this and still get mad views and likes

  21. When you hear The worlds smallest violin for the billionth time.

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