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  1. It was a triple flat but I lost two of the three so I guess just cartilage now haha

  2. I have never seen a piercing bleed like that before! It could be iron deficiency (I have it as well but my piercings never bled like that but everyone is different), and that could be the cause. If it continues, I’d talk to a doctor or piercer

  3. Least painful piercing I ever gotten. Healing process is amazing. I started with a 8mm horseshoe ring, but when it was time to switch out I went to 10mm and imo looks nicer as it sticks out more (everyone is entitled to their own opinion 😊) Plus, there are so many cute rings you can get and it’s a super easy piercing to hide. Some rings hang further down and it feels like a booger sometimes but other than that, I don’t have anything bad to say about the septum ❤️ it’s my favourite piercing I have

  4. As someone who has exact same piercings, I would say not too much, I mean changing up jewelry and mixing them up is so much fun.

  5. I love how it looks 🥰❤️ the tail is actually a cartilage ring

  6. I love this piercing but I feel like I’d be crossing my eyes trying to look at it 😂 it looks so nice!

  7. Exact picture I gave my piercer. I’ve always wanted this piercing. I was told it’s more for looks and isn’t something that should be worn often. It’s more for photos but that’s about it :(

  8. My piercer told me to cup my hands with warm water and to gently blow bubbles with my nose. That's all I've done for healing and I haven't had any problems, but I'm only about 6 week ahead of you. Hope that helps.

  9. hi there! re qtips- i’m a piercer and there’s a lot of debate about this within the industry, with good arguments on both sides. lynn loheide has a great blog post abt this if you’d like to read. ultimately, the whole reason for cleaning a piercing is to keep it, well, clean. for some people who don’t produce a lot of crust, simply spraying it with saline is enough. however if you produce a lot of crust (more prone if you have oily skin) you don’t wanna leave the crust sitting on there. it contains bacteria and traps moisture and won’t allow the piercing to breathe. a lot of people will do more harm leaving crust on there than any harm they might do with a qtip. being that the main concern with qtips is cotton fibers being left behind on your piercing (which is bad for the same reasons as crust being left on there tbh) just make sure the qtip is very wet and this will make the chances of fibers being left behind very low. i hope this helps! (:

  10. Thanks so much for your comment! I’m still getting a lot of crusting. I could clean crusts off and there will be more there not even 5 minutes later. I’m not sure why, I just soak them with warm water and wipe them off but it is annoying doing it so much. The crusts never end

  11. Mine is like that. It’s just scarred tissue; it’s not infected. It’ll go away overtime. I panicked when I seen it in my piercing too

  12. Honestly, if I had to compare it to anything : I’d compare it to Dream Theatre without vocals. Peaceful music like that; a song example would be “Beneath the Surface” by Dream Theatre

  13. Considering you remember the color green, and relaxing instrumentals, is it possible it's some Celtic instrumental music?

  14. I regret everyday after I allowed her to leave

  15. She’s so precious. Maybe you’ll get here again sometime 🥰❤️

  16. I’d change back to a straight bar. Had the same issue. I changed it back, put tea tree oil on the outside on the bump (put some pressure and held it for a minute) and put peroxide on the inside. Was healed in less than a week

  17. Aw, thanks so much 🥰❤️ piercings are amazing, I cannot get enough of them

  18. I bought them local in Newfoundland, Canada 😊

  19. Tattoo would look pretty too. Are you planning on getting any more piercings on this ear or are you keeping it relatively simple?

  20. I was thinking about a conch 🥰❤️ but I wanna see how a tattoo looks before piercing anymore of that ear

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