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  1. Grovelling Susie should be grateful he's blessing her with a chance, medieval 🤢

  2. Heard the music and thought there was another dumping 😭😭😭

  3. Looks like they just finished high school…. Producers don’t want the girls heads to turn

  4. I guess they plan on dumping Danica after Casa, then.

  5. Danica is gone already sweetheart ahaa , won’t even be heading to casa let alone bringing a bloke back

  6. I’m crazy enough to take on the Avengers… but the IRS?! No thank you!

  7. Omg this kid looks 16 I hope this is a joke he’s not turning any heads lol

  8. Why the super awkward expressions round the fire pit. It’s like they’re reacting to someone kicking off in front of them?

  9. Not really, they look pretty standard for a dumping.

  10. Did you not see the girls’ reactions? Paige and Gemma were upset and Indiyah and Ekin weren’t. Antigoni’s gone.

  11. No they actually turned down the first offer because it was so bad. Only after Disney changed their horrible first offer did Sony reconsider as it was in both their interests. I'm sure you have heard of business deals being done when both sides can win haven't you. Disney had to accept Sony SSU being able to exist alongside their films as well in turn you know which I'm sure they hate as well. If you don't know about the first horrible offer they gave let me know ill tell you about you but yeah it was awful thats why Sony turned it down.

  12. Tell me more, I’m interested. All I heard was that Sony offered them the rights back for $4bn.

  13. Honestly regarding that 4 or 5 Billion the problem with that is ive heard the exact opposite i'm reading something at this very second saying the that saying Disney offered a reported $4 billion to $5 billion for the rights to spider-man. So in that scenario Sony refused i mean what source are you using i dunno mines is from "The Big Picture: the Fight for the future of Movies by Ben Fritz" for this part The ask was this: let Marvel Studios help reboot Spider-Man and use the character in their upcoming MCU film Captain America: Civil War. Then-Sony Pictures head Amy Pascalwas understandably hesitant despite numerous sitdowns with Feige, andcomplicating matters was the fact that Perlmutter thought any dealbetween Marvel and Sony should benefit Marvel, to the tune of Marvelgetting a 50% stake in the next Spider-Man film while Sony would onlyget a 5% stake inCaptain America: Civil War(per reporting in theBen FritzbookThe Big Picture). As you can imagine, Sony balked.

  14. Yeah, there was supposed to be a Holland cameo in Venom, right?

  15. I'll tell you what, if this leak is accurate you win the prize! 😂

  16. I think the leak itself may be fake, as upon further inspection it just seems to be worded very carefully. But, the first look does suggest to me that

  17. I think they watch until three or four days prior? So maybe up to the heart rate challenge.

  18. I keep rewatching wondering if I misheard it the first time. The voice breaks / cracks EEEEPPPP

  19. Umm I think y’all are misinterpreting this article. They are just being clever with words.

  20. It did not say they are dumped. It says they face their fate. And in the next paragraph it mentions the other 4

  21. I’m just saying, the favourites for the dumping are isolated? Really? Why not Andrew and Tasha, for instance?

  22. I dunno I’m kinda tired of cringing at Danica.

  23. Because its an unwritten rule in the villa. That if you want to chat to or couple you with some one who is partner with someone else, you give them a heads up. If you don’t they all get mad.

  24. That’s like saying Jay should get angry if someone chats up Danica. Davide and Antigoni were barely together lol.

  25. No she didn’t. Watch her date with both of them and the debrief. Heck people where even speculating at one point that Davide really liked her but saw how much more into Jay she was which is why he pulled back. It just so happen that the same day of his date was when he had that big fight with Ekin SU about Paige. I’m guessing that kinda turn Antigoni off a bit.

  26. Then why did Antigoni complain to Ekin about her picking Davide?

  27. I wish it had been "Dump One Person" then they could have sent home any of the guys and I would not have cared!

  28. I think they’re eliminating Antigoni judging by Gemma and Paige’s reaction and it seemed as if Indiyah didn’t give a fuck lol and I haven’t really seen Indiyah and Antigoni chat. My faith and love in Luca will be restored if he boots Antigoni 🥰

  29. They were talking about Tasha when luca said he’d feel like a snake if they turned on her. Antigoni is the girl jacques was talking about when he said the thing about morale. They’re going to dump Danica.

  30. Based on Paige and Gemma’s upset, as well as Indiyah’s lack thereof and Ekin’s relief, I don’t think so.

  31. Daggers are just peak human, so they seem to be where they should IMO.

  32. They didn’t even look that peak. Unless he wasn’t trying to kill Kamala.

  33. What about the BBC and Channel 4? RTD might want to do Doctor Who ads on the big screen as he is already promote it more then Chibnall did

  34. I’m just going by what I’ve seen of late. Channel 4 may have appeared, but I don’t recall anything from the BBC. You’re right though, they’ll definitely start promoting Who towards the end of the summer.

  35. Honestly, people can shit talk Fallon all they want, but the lip sync battles on his show were all great. And then they just had to go make an actual show with the concept which was just too much (Tom Holland was pretty great on that though, but I don't hardly remember any others). It was great as a late night segment.

  36. Channing Tatum had a couple of good ones, Run The World (

  37. I’d laugh if the finale we actually got wasn’t shit, and I didn’t even care about Peter.

  38. I don’t want this garbage tv show advertised on Reddit.

  39. Every day or two, my prediction for Danica sways. After Aftersun, I though she was done for. Then the heart rate challenge and recoupling came along, which gave her a lifeline. Then the ‘one boy, one girl’ vote happened, and I worried they’d keep Antigoni. Now the first look shows Gemma and Paige upset with Ekin and Indiyah less fussed. Fuck you ITV 😂

  40. The only time we need the host is introduction, casa and finale. I preferred Caroline as a presenter, Laura just does not have it. That being said, I'm glad Caroline was pulled from the show because she was and had often engaged in problematic behaviours that I was not okay with.

  41. Yeah, it’s incredibly sad how things turned out, but she needed rehabilitation.

  42. Regardless, he still very much has a presence. I wouldn’t want ITV to replace him.

  43. Thank you fo explaining how i felt about this movie, When i seen it i thought “it’s a good movie but it didn’t feel like Spider-Man.”

  44. Yeah, honestly I enjoyed Mysterio and the humour. But Peter and his world just didn’t feel right.

  45. The quote makes it sound like they're gonna dump Tasha, but all logic tells you that Danica will be dumped

  46. I’m like 90% sure it’s gonna be Danica. Danica is not close with the boys.

  47. Jay and Luca are very defensive of her, though. Plus Davide and Dami know that Ekin and Indiyah are her friends.

  48. But which OG would you switch her with?

  49. Definitely not Tasha, the guys wouldn't do that to Andrew. Going off connections, I would guess they send Danica home based off the fact that there could be a slight chance for Jay and Antigoni

  50. Jay and Antigoni told both each other and the islanders that they’re waiting for new people. They were never interested in each other.

  51. But they told that to each other the others might not know yet

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