1. I’m assuming you weren’t successful in making Night Racer available on the Apple TV AppStore. All good, just wondering, and I appreciate you trying. Keep up the great work! 👍🏼

  2. Hey, we'll be doing that soon. We've been focusing on the Content Update once we submitted the VR version for review. We've just started looking into it now. Since this is our first time working on Apple TV, we're just struggling a bit to understand the development process.

  3. Here is a run down of some of the main features

  4. Here is a run down of some of the main features

  5. Why there is no 60Hz support for iPad Pro? I saw that I’ve already downloaded your game a while ago and removed it and now I remember why. If my M1 device runs the game at 30 FPS, I delete it. Can you please make it support faster framerates? Fast iPads exist, you know.

  6. Thanks a lot for your feedback we’ll work on adding faster feedback

  7. Feedback? I'm talking about frames per second. Currently it's just 30FPS, it's choppy like Mario Kart 64.

  8. Sorry my bad. I meant we'll be improving the framerates so based on the maximum refresh rate of the devices, the frame rate of the game will differ. So on the newer devices you'll have a higher refresh rate. We'll get to work on the fix right away.

  9. I tried the analog controls and it seemed to alternate between not turning at all to oversteering right into the wall.

  10. The trick with analogue steering is to turn and let go of the analogue slider. We tried a few different ways of integrating this system. We got players ranging from casual gamers to seasoned gamers to try out these systems and went with what worked. Based on your suggestion I think we’ll try adding the analogue slider which you can control the car without letting go of the slider.

  11. Hmm, yeah I would expect the analogue controls to work like a steering wheel in real life. Turn all the way for a hard turn, turn a little for a softer turn, but you need to hold it through the turn, and if you are turning too hard, you can let off on the wheel a bit. I'm not sure how I would know how far I need to turn the wheel at the start of the turn. I just tried it again and even knowing how it is supposed to work, it seems a little finicky to me. I was better, but spent a lot of time rubbing against the outside wall, or falling off the track.

  12. Understood, we're working on pushing an update with the persistent touch steering. We'll keep you posted on that.

  13. Thanks a lot for adding our game Night Racer to the list. We really appreciate it 😁

  14. Hey since you are looking for a racing game! Thought I'll plug our game called Night Racer 😅. We're a team of 2 devs who worked on this game. It features cross platform multiplayer across iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux and Quest 2 coming soon. Apart from that it features full controller support, haptic feedback on the device and features a full career mode, arcade, multiplayer and time trials.

  15. Launching on so many skews is impressive. Unfortunately, I don't see anything here that is groundbreaking that will grab players? Is there some sort of unique gimmick or anything that I'm missing?

  16. Launching on so many skews has indeed been quite intense. Our goal from the start of development on this project was to have a low barrier of entry for the players playing the game. We noticed some of the racing games with cross platform like this had pretty crazy monetisation, loot boxes, etc. on mobile and the cost of the game on platforms like steam were very high as well.

  17. Hi! I played your game and here is what I think: Overall the game looks ok, but I would work more on vfx - boost looks like some "tail" that is stuck to the car, vortex is very simple and I would add some particles when hitting a wall or after hard landing. There are a few minor bugs and inconveniences like I was not able to quit the game on first launch (pressing back does nothing) and analog controls are oversensitive. But the main concern though is the pace and dynamics - game feels SLOW. Even after using a boost. There is no feeling of speed and hence no thrill or excitement. Imo this might be a showstopper for some number of players. Good luck with the game!

  18. Hi thank you very much for the honest feedback we really appreciate it. We are working on improving the feeling of speed as we speak and the boost animation as well. Our goal is to make the game the best it can be so every bit of feedback helps us big time! Thanks Again :)

  19. Really glad to hear that you’re enjoying the game. Feel free to let us know about any feedback regarding the game that you might have, be if gameplay related, monetisation or any aspect of the game. We want the game to be the best it can be.

  20. Hey we've got early surprise for you. The game is now live world wide.

  21. The animation and physics look really good. Look forward to seeing how it shapes up in the future.

  22. Your games looking really good. Congrats on the launch of the mobile version.

  23. Street fighter 4 ce on mobile used to be pretty good. Not sure how the community is now.

  24. Not sure if 3’s is on android. I remember I used to be addicted to the game.

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