1. It was obvious that was happening with Prigozhin or a while, but the best part of that article is at the bottom. With the arrival of some decent hardware going up against young barely trained officers and recruits, its looking really good for Ukraine

  2. Russia's Foreign Ministry deletes post claiming that Ukrainian soldiers harassed someone for speaking russian after it got proven to be false. Oops.

  3. Mixed feelings. I understand why Ukraine is doing this. Propaganda is important in war and at a time of national defence.

  4. She has a huge charity and has been delivering drones and anti drone guns to the armed forces from the beginning of this war as well as tons of other things. They let her fire the arty after she dropped some new toys off. She is not there for propaganda lol

  5. Second video of incredible footage from Combat group K-2 54 OMBr

  6. Another vid by 1420 is out. Posting here for the people that keep suggesting its just putins war.

  7. Saw on her tiktok less than a week ago some footage of her training people and I think also being trained on commanding.

  8. I am in complete disbelief at russias propaganda attempts

  9. You think anyone outside of russia would take this seriously?

  10. Could be, I’ll just have to run the tab through google translate. Thanks mate

  11. Yesterday Russian propagandists were confused with the question, how could Ukraine's President come to Bakhmut that had to be under control of 🇷🇺 army, as they used to report previously. It seems that "something is going on there" and not according to the plan.

  12. Oh this is good, Solovyov upset about his Italian villa :)

  13. On top of that, I think essentially Bakhmut is this war's Stalingrad; a city that isn't that strategic but one side needed to capture for symbolic reasons. If Bakhmut falls, Putin gets the victory he so badly needs, and the Russian army gets a morale boost.

  14. Sorry bud. Removing your post as it doesn't really show what you wrote. Feel free to repost with a less editorialised title

  15. For proper trolling, they should encase it in the shell of a washing machine, and watch Russian faces as it relentlessly advances on their position and will not die.

  16. A lot of drones. I don't know now if they have run out of VOGs, but they do seem to have gotten some other munitions and some bigger drones that can carry 3 or 4 at least.

  17. Maybe you have already seen this in the old thread, but it sure is interesting. So much to blame yet missing the mark entirely

  18. I have a question, I see that the wagner group is fighting in Bakhmut, is the russian army fighting elsewhere then? Or are they in Bakhmut as well? I'm missing something

  19. Its like a 1000 km front so they have to put soldiers everywhere along it to try and stop the AFU from breaking through

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