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  1. I heard an employee say that the stores and online will do phased releases through the month. So that they don’t run out too soon. But I’m not sure when the phases come out. The employee said that phase 1 was a small batch, but they are expecting batch 2 soon.

  2. Woah!! Great catch! That is definitely our skyline with the Reunion Tower ball. Nice catch!

  3. I have a similar table with a 10 gallon on it. I stood on it and it held. But since the tables are so slim and the tank would create a high center of gravity… and I have nosey cats… i was very worried about tipping. So, I drilled 2 big screws through the brace in the back and into studs in my wall. Now a cat can sit on top of the tank and it doesn’t move at all.

  4. He IS represented as the most boring ‘White Talker’ when Gayle and Louise are trying to get through Litter Boxia. 100% energy vampire

  5. The more I watch it the more I like it. The only episode I skip is the fetal pig.

  6. Also, I just watched this episode today and I laughed out loud when one of the Brunch Skunk ladys vomited into her purse 😆

  7. Yay! I found a baby about a month ago myself. But just 1 that I can find. Not sure how many babies at a time is normal for Cory’s

  8. I was lucky enough to catch my cories spawning. I harvested about 50 eggs off the glass, about 30 of them hatched, and I ended up with 12 in a breeder box that I relocated to a grow out tank, and now I have 3. So it’s definitely survival of the fittest.

  9. We can thank the religious lunatic that brought us Kellogg corn flakes for this bullshit. Religion strikes again! It was a means to deter masterbation in the church.

  10. The eyes on that fish move way more than I was expecting. Very cool!

  11. Bobs burgers is my #1 by far. But otherwise I have Disenchantment on repeat.

  12. Bobs and Broad City. Like bobs, it’s so fucking funny and also the core characters have so much love for each other.

  13. This is the perfect example that a man’s worst fear is embarrassment, and a woman’s is death due to a man. What a fucking joke. So they will be ‘embarrassed’ into behaving better? Yea right

  14. Pour the bleach in the head! The what? The toilet! But won’t it just go into the water? God your poor…

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