1. Me entering the sierra madre knowing damn well that it's a trap

  2. God gives his most dangerous casinos to his most kleptomaniacal couriers

  3. ha, thought I was the only one who made that connection :D

  4. you can’t spell “felony” without “fun”

  5. I didn’t even realize that was the joke haha

  6. i wouldn't wish for even my enemy to have dementia, that shit is fucking scary

  7. I don’t feel that bad about Ronald Reagan getting it

  8. Y'know, because of the dementia idk if we all hate Ronald or if we hate Nancy who is forever using him as a meat shield. Prob both tho

  9. They are both abhorrent in their own special ways 😊

  10. I’m actually surprised it didn’t end with him eating the meat

  11. Funnily enough you actually have the option to eat the meat later on

  12. I’ve never played Phantom Forces, but from what I’ve seen I absolutely adore how many cursed and forgotten weapons are in it

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