What will it take for it to stop mass shootings in America?

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  1. God damn. I could MAYBE get one cut with a little practice. That’s a big maybe. To get such a clean second cut is insane. She deserves her moment of happiness. Successfully pulling off something like that deserves a smile.

  2. Meh. 2nd slice was shit. Target should have stayed still for a second

  3. She would likely steer them away from orolunga. Remember that yuan-ti fake emotion. She doesn’t actually care for them. They are meat, nothing more. Play on the party liking her. Her betrayal will be that much more brutal.

  4. Strahd, tomb, mad mage, Tiamat, avernus (Waterdeep descent into avernus instead lol). All of them can flow nicely.

  5. I’ve lost two characters so far, a Druid and a monk. Both to disintegrate. Just got unlucky both times.

  6. That’s rough, man. Losing two the same way must hurt a little more than normal.

  7. It was kinda frustrating. I was invested in both of them. I think it’s made me a little less invested in this one. Instead of my typical 10ish pages of backstory, I wrote a couple paragraphs.

  8. Yeah, tomb is a meat grinder lol. I’m trying not to care too much about any of my players

  9. Keeps it discrete. Also since it’s TikTok I believe it requires video.

  10. Yeah no. As someone with adhd I wouldn’t be that cheerful. I’d be bored out of my mind and unable to focus.

  11. I didn’t say anything about the game i was talking about the anime specifically

  12. Yeah. The game is basically an English dub. If you like the game’s English dub but hate on an anime English dub you’re a walnut.

  13. Do what I did. The chase for some of the villains hits the courthouse. The PC is waiting in jail. Have him run a temporary character. Eventually they meet back up at the courthouse just in time to save him from a bribed judge.

  14. So I just started playing arena a few days ago. I have the intent of making an Acererak/Tomb of Annihilation deck. I wasn’t sure how to format it, so I nabbed a

  15. I don’t think this is the right campaign for that. Tom is a meat grinder and not the best place for goofy characters. That would be a better fit for witchlight (a Fucking awesome campaign) or something else with lower stakes. Tomb pretty much guarantees player death.

  16. Were you looking at playing at your FNM or kitchen table? Commander or 60-Card?

  17. I barely know a fourth of the terms you’ve thrown at me lol. Consider me starting from knowing nothing. From what I’m seeing commander is the way to go with him?

  18. You want to get Magic the Gathering: Arena to refresh the rules. It's the free-to-play digital client. In terms of decks for Acererak ... I know there's a Legacy combo deck using [[Aluren]], but that's profoundly expensive for someone just starting out with MtG. Otherwise, the format for building around a specific character would be Commander. You could make a mono-black lich-themed deck around Acererak, if you like. Nothing competitive, but just for fun casual games.

  19. You got my attention. I’m looking for doing this as casual play. I’ll look into arena as a refresher. Thank you!

  20. To be honest, I just don’t care. You wanna be trans? Cool! You wanna play the opposite gender? Cool! There’s one bathroom in the tavern, so it changes no amount of work on my end. So long as you are happy with the character I am happy.

  21. With imitation crab it’s super easy. Takes some time, but easy. You flatten the rice out in the seaweed. Put your filling about 2/3 of an inch away from the edge. Roll. Enjoy. I usually do imitation crab, cream cheese, cucumber, and carrot. Sometimes I batter and fry them. Holy fuck I need to do fried sushi soon.

  22. A week and a half back (I’m 8-10 weeks), I was craving sushi hard. HARD. Like I was ready to commit crimes in order to obtain it. It was 10:30 in the morning, so not exactly prime sushi time, but my guy made sure to obtain the sushi for me.

  23. If it helps at all, sushi is pretty easy to make at home. I use imitation crab for simplicity. It’s basic, but damn good.

  24. Could be fun to continue using landmarks alone, and even to sow seeds of NPC's having their own maps. It might take a little work on your end to make it fun, but I think it could be cool. My thoughts are:

  25. All great ideas. We are playing in person, so I made up two smaller copies and laminated them for their use. I don’t expect this will cause much of an issue as they know to head to Omu. Salida will definitely get them there, just not in the way they imagine.

  26. There’s already a lot going on in the carnival. This could be fun, but your players might be overwhelmed with all the possibilities as is. Keep that in mind.

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