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  1. That thing’s been here since the silent era!

  2. How did that guy not get his dick caught in the escalator?

  3. This the first I’m hearing about it. Coincidentally my family just started watching the show for the first time (still on season 1).

  4. As god as my witness there is a girl at my kid’s school named Seven.

  5. Very good choice! You will not be disappointed. I bought one of these back in 2004 as a gig backup for my Gibson LP. I ended up making it my main guitar soon after and it’s still in my collection today. Of course back then I bought it new for $649- new. An amazing value. It’s like getting an already customized instrument.

  6. Oh wow! That's a long way back! Delighted to hear that these guitars hold value for so long. I've been really enjoying playing it since I got it. Once I change to a new set of strings, it'll be even better. Hoping to make it my lifetime guitar!

  7. Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky’s for drop C. 11-54 gauge.

  8. Before you just throw that shipping box away, cut out that cool ass Gibson headstock with a box cutter and use it as a decoration for your jam space. I did that for the last new Gibson I bought. It’s a good keepsake and looks awesome in the jam room.

  9. Although I think the very idea of a FR on an LP is sacrilege, I am quite intrigued by how it may play/feel/sound.

  10. Man, you are a great player. But if I may just say - if you back off that intensity by 10-15%, you’ll be right where you need to be.

  11. Mine is, not that you care, Mexico City off of Live Shit album

  12. I agree. And it’s amazing that the show opens with it instead of (what would later become) their cliche closer.

  13. This is the biggest LOL I’ve ever seen on this sub.

  14. Man this thing looks almost identical to my first guitar, which was a $100 used Harmony.

  15. I’ve got no interest in changing your mind. But it’s almost a perfect 50/50 between Justice and Load.

  16. Same here. I'm in my early 30 and nearly all sounds over 2khz have waved me bye bye

  17. It’s funny you mention that. I went to a science museum with my kids about a year ago. They had this “limits of human hearing” sort of exhibit. There was this 4 person station with headphones for each. And at each headphone station was a dial. You put the phones on, and you can turn this dial. The dial is labeled with things like “(this range) is what mice can hear). You turn it up more and then it gets into the human range. I had to crank it about half way before I could hear the sound they intended the listener to hear.

  18. It's scary because you don't realize it because you can't I almost always use subtitles, and it always bums me out when I see high pitched noise and don't hear anything I'm really mad at teenage self for being too cool for protecting my ears

  19. We might as well be the same person with regard to this issue.

  20. The guy is DEF a dad. This isn’t the first time he’s had to raise his voice to find out what’s going on.

  21. I’m sorry but if I’m on this flight, this guy’s gonna piss me off.

  22. 🤣My husband felt the same way! But he loves to fly and hate it. Can see your point though. I hope I never have to find out.

  23. Wow, your screen name absolutely checks out, I just noticed!

  24. And now slurpin’ all of my meals out of gruel.

  25. I simply see “Don and Sylvia” and my mind instantly goes “gross”.

  26. Just think about grandma in frilly underwear for awhile. That, along with the night time chilly weather should slip that thingy right out!

  27. Why do WE (Americans) have those here in the states? I see it looks like the Israelis had them based on those roundels. But even if so, I didn’t realize that Israel used our boneyards.

  28. He sounds like Cee-lo Green when he gets shot!

  29. Did anyone actually listen to the podcast to hear what they think the dude's motivation was? The video just said they were neighbors and had a falling out.

  30. Thanks for posting the podcast. I listened to the whole thing. It’s kind of weird to for once get so much personal information regarding one of these random Reddit vids like this.

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