Fighter removed: Jose Aldo

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[SPOILER] Paulo Costa vs. Luke Rockhold

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  1. Not dramatic. that’s the Supratrochlear artery. If ruptured he would legitimately be at risk of bleeding out

  2. Am I remembering things wrong or do Doctors have a way longer leash than before. I feel like both cuts tonight would have been fight stopping way earlier three/four years ago.

  3. Depends the state/commission. If tonight card was in NY both fights would have been stopped the round after the cuts happened

  4. Is it me or does Corey sound like dom Cruz if dom smoked alot of weed?

  5. Years of kicking metal poles have caught up to Tony’s shins

  6. Max loves food, Volk loves food, is it crazy to think we’ll ever get a cooking with Volk episode featuring max?

  7. You really blue balled us cutting off the best part at the end there

  8. Give us Guida vs Dober. There’s a million better fights worth more for Dober’s time but it’ll be a good tuneup fight for him and probably a banger for the 2:36 that it lasts.

  9. That would really be putting guida out to the pasture

  10. The meteoric rise and meteoric fall of Jorge Masvidal

  11. Meh kinda hypocritical company. Have huge contract with military to make the BDU’s for the SOF community. However they’re very anti gun. So whatever you believe in, they’re obviously straddling the fence and hypocritical in their stance. That goes for Arcteryx too.

  12. There is nothing hypocritical about supporting the military who are trained professionals protecting our country with guns, while also being for stricter gun laws that apply to the non trained non professionals residing in the country

  13. Find the guy with the most scar tissue on his face and ask him to spar after class

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