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  1. Sadly there are a lot of swindlers out there. I'm sorry this happened to you. My advice would be to cut all contact with this person and block them from your social media. And, of course, try to be smarter in the future.

  2. You're welcome. Perhaps you could try going to places in your local area, where you can meet people in real life right away. Like, joining a soccer team, a book club, a church choir or or a hunting group (something you'd be OK with taking part in - according to your taste). People who're out to swindle others rarely spend time in places like that, and you might have some fun at the same time.

  3. Femdom forced edge handjob public scenario. You could also look into femdom cfnm.

  4. That was me, I took a bunch of whippits and pressed #35 and sang for a minute. Sorry

  5. What skin was that with the guy in the green suit with the tank on the back?

  6. It's called Biohazard and you unlock it by extracting 7 times with the weapon case in DMZ

  7. Just put a sticky note on your lunch saying ‘I know what you did’

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