1. Going through something similar with my guy best friend of 7 years. It hurts a lot and Idk how to process it or make it better

  2. You can try online therapy, NGO’s like Vandrevala Foundation charge 500 for one session

  3. Sorry but how is that flimsy bracelet even worth 1k 😭

  4. Don’t recommend this brand. Bought a necklace and the paint rubbed off with first wear.

  5. Ahh that’s disappointing. It should last if they charge this much

  6. Most of my friends from school, college have moved to the US, I’m now struggling with finding new friends

  7. Done. I've ordered, as soon as I get'll have what you've asked for.😃

  8. I already have that. Bought it, presuming it should give a similar effect. That is more bubblegum pink. I am looking for Barbie pink. Sorry that's the best I could explain. I may have fallen short in doing so. 🫣

  9. That makes a lot of sense. Definitely check out some Korean brands like peripera. They love this shade of pink

  10. I have stopped buying Michael kors/coach/kate spade after seeing everyone carry these in airports/restaurants/malls. I am not rich enough to afford a YSL without compromising on other desires, so I now either shop indie or buy lesser known affordable luxury brands like Furla, Strathberry, Coccinelle etc.

  11. I don’t understand how it’s 0 kal. Can you explain

  12. No, not before Christmas. End Of season sale should start around 27th though.

  13. Oh okay! I just want to shop before my vacation in Jan

  14. Yes. Many Zara dupes on Instagram. Especially these heels @2.5k.

  15. How??? I don’t see any such offer. Was it a one time offer or something?

  16. This is interesting I would like to know more about this

  17. Someone suggest best deal(40-50%off) for cosRX snail mucin essence and Requil blue. Other than Foxy B2G2 it will make bill of 3000 and I don’t have to buy other products of corsrx

  18. Dry,pigmented and dull skin. Cosrx snail mucin... It gave new life to my skin!

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