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  1. You should use an ohm. It's not usually recommended to be anchored for belaying, at least where I live

  2. I've used an ohm quite a few times and I would much rather be tethered. It's so easy to get out of alignment to the wall and short your climber with that thing

  3. I've only been around an Ohm once at the Red with a 90lb belayer, if you don't mind my asking what throws it into a disalignment? Just in case I see one in the future.

  4. I believe stepping too far away from the wall does. It just creates an immense amount of friction and makes it hard to belay

  5. Materials being crap and see-through. I just want a plain t-shirt that can either be worn casually or under a blazer for work, etc. I don’t understand why I am forced to have an undershirt for everything!

  6. I encounter this all the time at Costco. Their women's clothing is always super cheap and thin, while men get nice athletic fabrics and things that are more function over form. I've just been buying men's shirts at this point and tucking them in lol

  7. Player 001. He should have won the marble game, but he was tricked by Gi Hun.

  8. At least watch the last episode, although it's worth pushing through the whole thing.

  9. It's not exactly UL but I have a 30L Blue Ice Kume touring pack that clocks in at around 1100g that I absolutely love. It has a front avy pocket and carries incredibly. I've used it for ski touring, multi-day hikes and even cragging. Would recommend if you don't mind the extra 200g

  10. Who cares about any extra 200g with an avy pack – the Kume actually looks quite nice, thanks!

  11. I think there's a bigger version as well, but yeah it's legit my favorite pack even for things it isn't designed for. Blue Ice in general is a fairly small player in the gear game but I've been very impressed with all their packs so far

  12. I’m assuming you are talking about the grave beside the road.

  13. I feel like this has been happening for awhile in Portland. I was renting with friends in Forest Park and the landlord (company) kicked us all out. We thought the owners wanted to return but I think they were jacking the price of rent.

  14. Literally my favorite restaurant Gabagool closed last week, same situation

  15. I don’t know if anyone else has had this experience, but even unhappy with the prices, I try and set up tours of places and they’re rented or under application before I can even see it, it’s insane. Everything in budget goes so fast you have to gamble on the pictures being honest if you want someplace to live…

  16. That's how I got both my rentals since I moved here, applying and accepting the place sight unseen. I've been able to keep my rent under 2k that way but man you really gotta be in the right place at the right time

  17. Why doesn't the normal workflow of (export to stl -> slice) work for you? If you need to make changes, make them in your solidworks solid then reslice? I mean if you already have your slicing profile defined with a wall thickness and infill type it only takes about 5 seconds to reslice.

  18. After I make the infill, I need to do some cut extrusions based on the infill that go all the way through the part. Basically taking the hexagonal voids and extending them through the whole part, while leaving the wall portions. So far this has been easier to do in SolidWorks via convert entities rather than making the infill in Magics or whatever, working with it solely in there or exporting as .stl and trying to manipulate that in SolidWorks.

  19. my recommendation is to just put your hexes right into your solidworks part where they matter (use linear patterns or fill pattern) and let the slicer slice as normal. whether the hexes that you define in solidworks, and your hexes that are infill line up is irrelevant, At least unless you have a good reason for wanting thru hexes that won't be consistantly in the same place in each part (i can't think of even one use case)

  20. I think you're basically describing what I already do lol. The slicing isn't the issue, it's having a quick way to put in the hexagonal pattern to a solid piece.

  21. Have you tried the bill of materials feature? It can export to a .csv file that I'm sure your ERP system can read

  22. You're not the only one. Definitely had a short there for a moment as I was wondering why I'd never heard of doubleclick...yeah, the little line in the lower left that always had doubleclick in the name when hovering over a URL link.

  23. Daaaamn, I always thought that was because you had to double click the ad to get to the page it was advertising lol. I never clicked on them so I just assumed

  24. Yeah, I was basically an npc working a gruelling 9-5. I was a lonely kid ok...

  25. It's ok, I used to play Mario party solely by myself against NPCs (in team matches no less) lol us lonely kids do weird shit

  26. I mean tbf setting up a ds session with friends was super hard back then. Now it's just a discord call.

  27. Boy this was on the GameCube, all I needed was another kid in the house haha

  28. Planning a trip right now to NZ for next July/August! Any recommendations, particularly backcountry?

  29. Faces can slide along other faces and still be coincident. You'll have to constrain the parts in other ways or make at least two points coincident to lock the parts together. Also make sure you have one part fixed to lock the whole assembly.

  30. Also just putting all dressing ingredients in a jar with a tight lid and shaking works wonderfully. I have a jar with measurements on the side which also makes it very easy. plus, if you make extra, leave in jar for another day!

  31. Portland Veterinary Wellness Center on 82nd had/has reasonable prices.

  32. Really? I left them about a year ago because they were so expensive and kept making little mistakes in all my paperwork. Have they changed?

  33. I do some volunteer work with Portland Animal Welfare team and they may be able to set you up with a reduced price or free neuter if your income qualifies you!

  34. That’s just discoloration from the heat, ie a patina. You could probably buff it off but I will come back the next time you use it.

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