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  • By - s_42

  1. I'm gonna unfollow this subreddit if I see this picture of ben in my feed one more time 😭😭😭

  2. In terms of writing Ben wins but as a character he’s terrible. Hate him.

  3. In Turkish B stands for bin which is thousand.

  4. Oh my god, when will it be ready? I absolutely want to read it and see Arvo suffering!!!!!

  5. Dang, I don’t like Ben but your avatar is one great replica of him

  6. I don't understand why there are still hate polls/contests towards these characters: V

  7. This is not a hated polls,on the contrary, I like all these characters especially Ben

  8. Yup and also physically abusing arvo & trying to emotionally manipulate clementine

  9. I was referring to Kenny from the first season. Season 2 Kenny is so much better. then what do you mean by manipulating Clem? As mentally unstable as he was, he cared about Clem, anyway, fuck Arvo

  10. I knew you would say a quote from Ben. Gotta appreciate you man.

  11. "Tell to the shitbird Ben you know he made a deal with the bandits so he admits it and you all get out of the motel before the attack"

  12. in this case it's Carl from the comic so if they met they would become the most badass couple in the twd universe. If he was Carl from the TV series... NO FOR GOD'S SAKE HIS STUPIDITY IS CONTAGIOUS I WOULD NEVER LET CLEM KNOW AN IDIOT LIKE THAT

  13. I find Bobby cringe (like 95/100 of the characters in the quarry). Bobby isn't very likable, he and all his family are really dumb (they they took 6 years to find a child in the woods and when you see a werewolf, I don't think that the first thing you do is freed him and burned a circus) , I'm team eliza😂

  14. I respect your opinion. But I just fucking love Bobby lmao (and i really like Travis)

  15. I understand your opinion, I would like travis if he was more clever ,if he had cooperate directly with laura and explain directy all the situation instead of lock her up with her boyfriend during 2 months, and why he can like Laura even if he killed his parents but he hates her just because she shot him.

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