1. Lee Know is the most handsome member (Hyunjin is my ult bias btw) and I don't understand how he never ends up in the top 100 most handsome men ranking. Like do yall not SEE him? His looks are comparable to Cha Eun Woo the literal perfect face

  2. Same but honestly I'm not sure how unpopular it is. Not too long ago I made a thread asking about the favorite visuals in kpop and a good number of people mentioned him, he was definitely the most named among skz. But yeah he doesn't receive the attention he deserves.

  3. I've been seeing Lea a lot hanging out with every influencer ever lately. Is she planning something?

  4. Recently she joined something called pi house (I am not very familiar with it but seems like popular influencers upload content together) so that might be the reason.

  5. Honestly I'm Not Sure There Really Is A "Switch In My Head", Like I Have Romantic Attraction, And Platonic Attraction, But I Don't Think There's A Hard And Fast Divide Between The Two For Me, There's Just A Massive Fuzzy Area Which People Can Move About It, And Over Time Maybe Someone Will Move So That They're Closer To The Epicentre, So To Speak, Of The Romantic Attraction Area Than That Of The Platonic One, But It's Certainly Not Immediate Or Even Like I'll Immediately Notice.

  6. I Mean, I Can't Speak For Anyone Else, Obviously. I Just Do It 'Cause I Dunno I Had A Dream That If I Do It I'll Become Super Skilled Or Something Idk.

  7. Im not sure i follow, i am aromantic, im just confused about sexual attraction

  8. Yeah that makes sense then lol. I'm always confused by the fact so many people can relate when it's easy to tell if you experience romantic attraction

  9. The same thing works for me vice versa lol, i really dont know how people can come to the conclusion "yup i def feel sexual attraction" or "nah i don't feel sexual attraction at all". There always seems to be what ifs.

  10. Well I have never had a libido at 20yo so it's pretty easy for me 😆 maybe if I did, I would be more confused

  11. Straight means heterosexual, I have never experienced sexual attraction so it doesn't apply to me. I identify as heteroromantic and asexual, therefore not straight. But you can totally use the label if you prefer it :)

  12. Dude I copy and paste from this file and I always forget it's wrong. So embarrassing.

  13. Maybe at least include the romaji version next to it? I can read and write in Japanese a little, but I can't figure out these kanji. And some people can't read Japanese at all, so it's hard to figure out what you made.

  14. lookalike is not underrated it’s so beloved by the fandom and so is tctab what are people saying lmao😭

  15. I also think it's weird to think a song from Superache, now that Conan is literally a superstar, is more underrated than one from before Kid Krow

  16. The Other Side bc it didn't make the top 20 despite being mentioned every single time 🥲

  17. Just a heads up about etsy for stuff like this. The items are usually drop shipped with an insane markup, you can find almost the exact same case you linked on aliexpress for less than 1/3rd the price compared to it being over 30 on etsy(just search for "z flip 4 case cute"). The only issue is you might end up waiting a month for it to arrive so unless a potentially speedier delivery is worth the extra 20+ you can go through aliexpress. Another thing to watch out for is that some drop shippers through etsy dont keep stock and just order the item directly from the original site and have it shipped to you. In those cases delivery time is the same if not longer than if you had ordered it from the original site yourself, it just costs a bunch more. Its a shame that etsy turned into a site for drop shipping.

  18. I really loved Hello Counselor even if the stories and advice was batshit crazy sometimes :'>

  19. Love makes you vulnerable. I'm demiromantic and the first couple years after being in love feel empty and I try to gaslight myself into thinking I have crushes. Then it's just peaceful. Overall I'm happier when I'm not in love, or getting over anyone.

  20. I, too, find myself gaslighting myself into having crushes.

  21. TLM, je comprends pas les réflexions que les gens te font à propos du fait que tu n'aies rien eu pour tes 40 ans, c'est normal d'être vexé et on voit bien qui est le préféré même à cet âge-là...

  22. You might be polyamourous but if your partner isn't okay with that, you need to break up

  23. How is it rape when she was willingly having sex with him? She happened to faint but that doesn’t make it rape. I guess you’d think your partner waking you up with sex is also rape. It’s not nice of him to be inconsiderate about her fainting obviously, that makes him careless but not a rapist.

  24. there are no rules, except for what you two agree on.

  25. Agreed. Similarly you don't decide "I'm on my second date so I should want to kiss", just go with the flow

  26. I actually love Beomgyu being annoying and I think I'd just be happy to play along and have someone to tease back.

  27. but friendship is normal. You don't have to be emotionally close to someone to call them your friend. This is also why there is the word "best friend" to talk about stronger friendships.

  28. well there it is the same, I do not understand how you can have a strong friendship with someone in a week. You barely know the person.

  29. Just because you haven't known them for a while doesn't mean you barely know them. Some people just click! For me, it came through long late night talks, having a lot of stuff in common and feeling understood. But of course everyone is different and it might not work the same way for you :)

  30. I'm so mad that VLive is gone and I don't even get to know when Hyunjin is live anymore 😭

  31. Turn on notifications for Skz’s YouTube channel and you’ll get a notification when they’re live or when they post!

  32. Bonjour Béatrice je ne comprends pas. Il me semblait que la mascotte était déjà annoncée 🤨😲. Des bonnets frygiens pour notre beau pays la France 😄🇫🇷 Je préférais. Celles-là

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