1. As a vallk main I've experienced it several times. I found this on a simple Google search:

  2. I really appreciate all of your responses, thank you all so much! It makes me a lot more optimistic about pursuing this career path. I did find several individuals with my background by searching through firms as well. As for the person who asked for my location, I am very flexible with where I live and can relocate pretty much anywhere.

  3. You should send those people with similar backgrounds an email. If they are near you, ask them to lunch so you can learn about their career. If far, ask for a zoom call.

  4. There’s a hillsong church in Frederiksberg. It’s very welcoming and family friendly.

  5. Is there a church of abortion that has English services? If not, I'm not sure why you commented.

  6. I would highly recommend it. It’s not written for shock value. It’s really the story of how one man’s greed led to the deaths of millions of people and the mutilation of thousands more. It’s also the story of how one man began the crusade to end it all.

  7. Agreed, and if I recall correctly the person that started the crusade was just a dock worker. He realized that all Belgium sent to Congo was soldiers and guns. So there was no actual trade going on like was being reported. It was brutal slavery.

  8. Yeah, but that law only applies if you were scheduled, if business starts to drop off, and the schedule for sunday goes out wednesday, or even thursday at one job I worked, then they can cut shifts as business drops off, without having to worry about that little law.

  9. I had a job once where the scheduled weeks started on Sunday and came out on Sunday, THE SAME SUNDAY. Meaning you had to call in every Sunday morning to see if they wanted you to work that day.

  10. I saw one once that was "Engineering Machine" and it made me giggle.

  11. Provisionals are not examined so the drawings do not need to meet any particular requirements as long as they adequately support any subsequent utility application.

  12. This Abrahamic obsession with virgins is just weird. Must have to do with male ownership or power. That's what most religions are about anyway.

  13. It was that and the ancient ignorance of where babies come from. They didn't understand egg + sperm = baby. The belief in many ancient cultures was that a baby was fathered at least partially by all the men a woman had ever had sex with. This is why they were obsessed with their women being virgins until marriage, to ensure they were fully the fathers of their children.

  14. It's the Haute Drop skin part of the Fight Night Collection event back in season 7.

  15. And it came back in the store about a season ago. Will probably be back again because $$$

  16. A judge I worked for put it best: Juries are always going to fuck up the case, the trick is getting them to fuck it up in your favor.

  17. You forgot to point out how corny it was

  18. And basically nobody equips them unless that have shit stats and no badges

  19. Last time I checked there was only one Bloodhound.

  20. Last time I checked 'they' is a common singular gender-neutral pronoun in the English language.

  21. Don't want to play the bad cop here, but just so that you know what you're getting.... The books contain only our first and easiest practice questions. We think the books are enough to get close to passing, but never quite across the finish line. Our Exam-level-difficulty questions are only in the software, which you won't get with the book. Mark Dighton, Admin. Director, Patent Office Exam Course, PLI

  22. Have you ever read the bio of an astronaut? I don't understand what is wrong with America that we don't celebrate these people over celebrities or athletes. It's like by 25 they already have a PhD and cured a village in Africa of Ebola. Oh and they also graduated summa cum laude from some ivy League school and served two tours in the military where they earned the distinguished flying cross. I'm not kidding! Their bios are like superheroes.

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