1. Where do the managers who write this kind of stuff come from? Another alternate universe.

  2. Why doesn’t the government subsidize some humans? Why is welfare strictly for billionaires and mega corporations???

  3. Overworking yourself will get you nowhere except to an early grave. Good for you. You’re doing the right thing, life’s too short.

  4. Teachers are notoriously, overworked, and all the ones I know feel like they have to do work at home Extra work, every week. It shouldn’t be this way. These are the people teaching the next generation. They should be treated much better.

  5. We should all be working much less than we are with all the technology we have. A 15 hour work week sounds about right.

  6. I live on a tropical island, ain’t no way I’m going back to an office

  7. We are heading towards a world where there will be a few mega corporations that own everything including all of the houses and we will sadly own nothing and work for the mega corporations in order to pay rent and have a roof over our head.

  8. Unfortunately those days are over unless there is some real reform in our existing system.

  9. I agree with you on training your boss to be more respectful, I have done that and it’s worked. I also agree on requesting respect for going above your duties but as far as working 9 hour days and taking your work home with you, in this day and age with Artificial Intelligence and Robotics there should be no need for anyone to have to work that much. Everyone one deserves to have a personal life outside of work as well as in work. We’ve all developed as a society in our productivity, let’s use it to our advantage, not let ourselves be taken advantage of.

  10. Nothing wrong “with you telling me” communication in my book. Employee said he was available from 9 AM on that seems pretty straightforward to me. Now if he was asked can you come in earlier, much earlier on some days and he said yes that would be different.

  11. I'm borderline millennial/ Gen Z. I think one big difference is that we never really internalized dreams that older millennials did. Older millennials saw things like owning a home as a goal and representative of stability. I was 12 in 2008. I saw people loose their homes on a mass scale. I never saw homeownership as something widely attainable. I saw debt as inevitable. Retirement is iffy, and I often doubt it's something that will exist in 50 years.

  12. Don’t give up on retirement, everyone should be entitled to retirement. No matter how young they are now. And a home. Work to change the rules. With artificial intelligence and high-tech we all should be working less and having more free time to ourselves. We are super productive. The next generation needs to push hard to change things. We’ve been doing the same thing for over 100 years it’s time for a change.

  13. Gen Z it’s time to change things for the better. Don’t put up with the same crap other generations put up with. Productivity is up and we should all have better life/work balance.

  14. That’s because it’s not a fish, it’s a wild caught piece of something else.

  15. Been there, experienced that, though I have never actually watched it happen until now. Definitely mildly infuriating. Sometimes I leave that last bit of the driveway till I make sure all the snow plows have been through.

  16. It’s another day at the office in America lol.

  17. You forgot to add to your misery that you will be stressed out, unable to sleep and on your deathbed you will have so many regrets you can’t count them.

  18. When AI takes over and we add all of that generated income into society then we can all have some type of Basic Universal Income stipend. We can work less, finally having time to do all of the creative things we ever wanted to do. That is what should happen. But we have a lot of work to do to make that happen. Why we still have a five day work week in this day and age with all of our technology still amazes me.

  19. There must have been a sale on premium sea salt caramel chocolate. The company saved millions on raises.

  20. If you stay with a company, you work harder each year but you end up making less than the year before with the cost of inflation etc. Pay raises don’t keep up. Those who stay at a company get screwed.

  21. I uninstalled and reinstalled to fix it. But it has happened several times.

  22. It’s probably somewhere in the middle. Remember we are still in a bear market.

  23. Definitely stolen from us, but they’re not done yet. The wealthy elites will continue to squeeze us until we can no longer physically or mentally keep going and then the whole system will implode.

  24. If robots are doing our work as is projected for the future, we all need a way to make money off of the robots labor or our economy will collapse.

  25. Definitely don’t agree with this. A person with a great work/life balance is much happier and more productive then a stressed out, over worked, beat up employee that is on call 24/7.

  26. As an employee you were making much more money back in the day relative to inflation, the cost of living, housing prices etc. So yes, it was easier to stay at a job and stay satisfied at a job back then. It’s gotten a lot harder now because with the way the economy is going we seem to make less money each year we work.

  27. Whatever they want to call it. I have a workday like app on my phone that no one teaches you to use. Have lost hundreds of dollars this year in not knowing what was available to employees and how to get it. It used to be you were just given it by your managers. Not any more now you have to find out about it and work for it.

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