1. Thank you everyone. I am pretty convinced that true spring fits me better. I do not look good in black or icy colours. Yellow oranges and camels etc are my best. Pinks have to be peachy. Thanks again :)

  2. Purple under eyes/ colour of veins etc doesn't mean anything. You're definitely warm.

  3. Your eyes are so bright! I think you have a bright and warm coloring. You could look into bright spring!

  4. Thank you! I will try that. I'm going to look at true spring too. Not sure I'm neutral enough for bright spring but perhaps I am too bright for true spring. I'll experiment. Thanks again

  5. yes, you're right. you are warm, for sure

  6. Kibbe isn’t using the word vertical literally though, which is exactly why everything here is wrong. You are trying to interpret something in a way that it wasn’t meant to be interpreted. It’s like saying nobody can be N family because nobody is literally that wide, when it’s pretty obvious that it’s not meant to be that way.

  7. Thank you for your comment. I'm not attempting to interpret Kibbe; I'm describing what actually happens in real life when humans perceive each other. Being above 5'7 does not necessarily imply significant elongation. It depends what is happening in terms of your other proportions. I'm interested in people finding what works for them. Most of what Kibbe said was extremely useful and useable. But height restrictions are not a valid basis for ruling out particular types. And it's illogical to say measurements don't count and then talk about height restrictions. I'm not going to convince you but perhaps others will be willing to break the height rules in order to accurately see themselves.

  8. Kibbe isn’t about how we are perceived by others and I don’t think you understand the purpose of height limits either. I am not going to explain the same thing again, but I hope people don’t read your interpretation and get confused because what you are saying simply comes from entire lack of understanding of the system and its purpose.

  9. Kibbe is about how we are perceived by ourselves (and others too probably) - it's all about literal perception. I haven't misunderstood Kibbe. I've pointed out height is irrelevant using Kibbe's own argument - that we should think about proportions, not absolute measurements.

  10. I feel you. I'm a 5'9" soft classic. Some people would probably shoot me just for suggesting such a thing. 😀

  11. Sometimes I have doubts about being SD, but I just don’t believe I am D or FN. At times I wonder if my curve isn’t ‘enough’ for SD… but I do have softness, definitely! On a yang frame. Other times I wonder if I subconsciously overlooked width or had bias that made me not want to be FN (I don’t consciously not want to be, but obviously bias can exist without you being aware). I think I could be typed by others as FN, perhaps, but in person, in the flesh, it seems clear that I have sharp yang rather than blunt. I have discussed it with my partner a lot too, and she is very confident I am SD, so that helps.

  12. According to Kibbe’s system, at 5’8 a person will be vertical dominant. Also “how tall a person looks” isn’t vertical, so you could 100% be D! I do think you bring an interesting point! I’ve noticed quite a few probable-FN models who also have cute dolly faces. I would still say their faces match their bodies too (as you do yours) though maybe not in the very narrow way we assume they should.

  13. Can I ask a dumb question? If how tall a person seems is irrelevant, what exactly is vertical?

  14. Post a link to the jeans if you’d like. Typically those cuts work well for SDs, and a structured bottom works best but there are other factors too.

  15. No problem, have fun! Also I just realized in the link the jeans appear ankle length but the model is 5’10. I order a tall and they’re full length on me, just to clarify since that was confusing.

  16. Some sort of winter. You look great in black and are too high contrast for summer imo.

  17. So waist emphasis isn’t separates? Sorry I’m not understanding how SD draped waists are different to separates for FN in anything other than line. Does that make sense?

  18. Is it that separates can create angular horizontal emphasis - width - which FNs need (alongside elongation)?

  19. I’m definitely shaky on olive diagnostics, so take this input with a hefty grain of salt, but I’d guess you’re muted, cool, and ever so slightly slightly slightly olive?

  20. It depends what I'm wearing with them. I look best in either a looser top with skinny jeans or a more fitted top with flared jeans. In-between styles don't look as good, though I can get away with straight jeans. I could probably do bootcut well too, instead of the flares. Mom jeans are a no no for me and I don't tend to wear cropped jeans either.

  21. I think it could work but you might want to pick up the colour of the top lower down the body to create that vertical line - shoes or bottoms could be same colour as top.

  22. These are all dramatic outfits because there are visual elements that mean the vertical is still honored. (The black piping on the white top for example.) I'd say you're a D like me. Welcome to the club.

  23. I was resistant to being a dramatic because I equated it with masculinity and thought it meant I was ugly and 'wrong' somehow.

  24. I have a wavy bob. No fringe. I often wear my hair up tho, just scraped back into a loose bun but with some volume on top.

  25. I have been wearing sc lines always. And sometimes even R in detailing and prints and patterns but SN clothes don’t really suit my style maybe

  26. In terms of lines. FGs suit clothes that are very fitted. Dramatics suit clothes that still hang very close to the body but they're not actually 'fitted'

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