1. No. Chiefly because the Yankees are getting slept on. I think the Braves are better than us too.

  2. Lol. Keef was too until niggas got greedy. For context I was 22 that year and the city was going crazy. 2012 was one of the most lit summers of all time bruh. I fuck with Von, but his buzz was nowhere near Sosa’s I promise you.

  3. Social media was different in 2012 than now

  4. You’ll be good coast it out, if you’re new to subs and with subs long half life you’ll just fall off fine. Don’t psyche yourself out

  5. grown rogue "Duct tape" Healing Organic Garden "Triangle Mints" .

  6. i feel like shes mids. i know a brawd from everyhood who look like that

  7. Hell na if she was in front of you you’d b all over that

  8. Yeah, i just cant take the time to shock my body snd mind for a week or so with a hardcore opiate WD…i opted for harm reduction and stabilization!

  9. stay on it as long as you need to, and make sure you consult and taper to your liking not theirs. they think 5mg isnt alot but that shit adds up after a week missing out. if i did it all again i would drop by 2 or 1 no more, cuz 5 mg drops you deff notice it

  10. Yeah, thank you ill def keep that in mind. The slower the taper the better, much more time for your body to adjust and reach homeostasis at every drop. If you do it right, it should just be a longer period of mild discomfort which can he overcome with exercise, gaba supps and good living. Def gonna taper at 1-2mg, maybe ill drop 5mg for the first 20, then stabilize.

  11. if you batting 60 and can drop to 50. you can do 1 a week and that would put you at a year taper almost. which would be smooth ass sailing. it gets hectic the higher you go. i never needed more than 60 i could obly imagine how my homie feels getting the 180 daily.

  12. go somewhere you never got high before, wayyyy left field with it, like literally the last place youd wanna be and give it a go. for some reason the enviroment mindfucks you and makes the chances extremely high to OD. its scientifically proven and i dont know the mechanism off hand but my comedic take on it is like God takes you out the game when you can hack joy out of something that was meant to male you miserable.

  13. i dont want to be the bearer of this bad news but ill be suprised if you dont. sorry bud i truly hope you get past this

  14. i play the my states lotto, its one number less and i win way more.

  15. dose later in the day. frequent urination is a early sign you need to redose

  16. she cheated on him with august alsina and told everybody. theb august alsina started making disses about will smith and how he was fuckin his wife good. then they resolve it by bringing him on a tv show and she justifies cheating on him while his daughter and mother in law sat at the table and watched her imasculate him. she dirty asl. and more people actually talking about how dirty she is than the actual slap

  17. Posting that video screams i never seen any action smh and the fact like 50 mfs woke up and ran to this mf on their "wake up" like they had some exclusive drop is weird ass energy. The same mfs who posted the vid and called me soft for telling them take it down gonna be nut huggin this post like they didnt participate in that suburbia behavior. Watch.

  18. If OP is in the US, every state in the country has a PMP. Adderall, Xanax, and buprenorphine are all scheduled controlled substances and are reported in a database where any doctor that looks is going to see. So it doesn’t matter whether the sub clinic reports it or not. By getting the bupe script filled, his other doctor will see that he’s taking bupe. These days, any doctor that is not referencing the PMP opens themselves up to all sorts of liability so I guarantee they are checking it before every refill request. It’s not something you can hide.

  19. how up to date is it because im in the US and they are both blind from eachother. i literally also said i was scripted something i wasnt to get it. i was like can i get trazadone because i get it now from the addiction center but it needs to be stronger and they gave it to me. plus the oxy and lean prescription to someone on vivitrol is a big no no. i literally wear a dog tag that says i cant be given opiods and nobody sais anything. whicj also blows my mond cuz ive had broken ribs they woulsnt give me anything but i just got oxy for a sore throat lol so idk maybe its cuz i got medic aid

  20. Dude you have no idea how much that just brought down my tweak .. what if they make me piss though can’t I just tell them I’ve been on adderal for 9 years and meth gonna show up ? Then show em my bottle ?

  21. i mean if you fail so what. you dont have to disclose what you take unless you want to. but if you fail i wouldnt trip its an addiction clinic everybody pissing hot

  22. it was acting because the oscars ratings were so low it was disputed if it was gonna happen anymore. seth rogan etc. And tbh if it was real he smacked chris cuz he knew he could. no cool points for that. and people are right. youre gonna hit a man about making anjoke but you gonna give mfs who fuck your brawd and rub it in your face on diss tracks in music and you dont do anything but give them a passs....and to top it off she cosigned the man she played him for and imasculated him infront of his daughter and mother in law. idk bro. im suprised someone of that caliber deals with that if any of it was real. which is why i think its all fake. even the kim kanye thing. if people think kim left a billionaire for a thousandaire heroin addict thats obviously strung out for other than publicity ya drunk

  23. understandable but technically both of them stepped out on each other, Jada’s “entanglement” was more public bc August caught feelings. So it’s not just some broad it’s your wife but to an extent I wouldn’t do on national TV tho

  24. it cant be real. any of it. seriously if it is will smith down bad and need some testoerone injections or something. he cuckin hard rn.

  25. naw. just fat saws bro. see how it go first. mfs aint gonna grab my shit. funny asl tho aint it. now i know if nobody find our free weed then mfs cappin all thru this mf

  26. same, my big homie jugg off this app the dumbway im sure he a put some wax or sumn on it. If this shit really take off ill grab dispo pre packs from hamtrmack michigan when i see my shorties on the weekend.

  27. that roach comment gold that mf from the neighborhood i can merch off tha stregnth of that ! gave this mf a wholesome pendant lol

  28. kansas really overeacting. you should have the lead. youre mf kansas. act accordingly. St peter for a Lenten Miracle tonight. My polski homies all showing out tonight!

  29. You sound like the type of guy to ask people to sit down at a game.

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