1. There is definitely something special in seeing a piece of culture being adapted by another country, with all the love and effort possible. Given how prominently nature features in Ghibli movies, Country Road feels like a fitting piece to adapt.

  2. My feelings toward Yamato are pretty mild, I find her disappointing at best. Perhaps my biggest pet peeve is her design; despite being a physical brawler and the daughter of Kaido (the man shaped like a square), she follows the usual One Piece female design of big boobs, small waist and copy-pasted face. This was such a perfect opportunity to break up that design, yet Yamato has like 0 musculature.

  3. Good points. For me Yamato's "side boobs" are a symptom of a bigger issue, which is that Oda keeps repeating the same base features with his female designs, and that adds to Yamato just not being that interesting even design-wise. Even if Oda would have insisted on keeping the fanservice, he could've done a lot more to make Yamato distinct.

  4. Don't worry man the way things are going Akainu will also get his L.

  5. I think the story just became too fractioned in order to have everyone relevant at the endgame, so Oda started dropping some down a peg. Originally we had Blackbeard, Marines and the WG as possible endgame threats. Now there's even Imu and possibly Rocks as well.

  6. This game looks so much more visually appealing than V. Love that they’re putting more of an emphasis on design.

  7. I've always had issues with following the movement in fighting games, and the stylization they're doing with the movement effects really helps with that.

  8. How does he attack gay people and trans people? He also doesn't attack feminists, Atleast not personally. He debates them, it's a intellectual attack at best.

  9. It's hard for me to find much intellectual value in him criticizing the looks of a swimsuit model, for example:

  10. I'm really not enjoying how haki-heavy the series has become. It removes the creativity and strategy that comes with devil fruits and fighting abilities, replacing them with "bigger haki".

  11. Ugh they made Ms. Marvel into Green Lantern. Completely turned me off of the show

  12. Same. Her original powers were such a huge part of her identity and theme.

  13. I haven't had as huge of a issue with Yamato as some people, but something has been rubbing the wrong way. I think it might just be the fact that there's no hubris or humility to him. I understand that him being imprisoned is supposed to be the motivation for "being Oden" but it just feels like such an overreach. Whatever sympathetic moments he has are vastly drown out by outright boasting. There's potential there, with his abusive childhood, imprisonment and being hated by the country he lives in, but that's mostly brushed aside.

  14. Agreed. It's not a huge issue for me, but pretty glaring when you remember that Marineford implied a huge shift in Luffy's thinking and priorities. It was the moment when he "grew up". But post-timeskip, he's back to his old self.

  15. I'm going to be real a lot of Wano was predicable, or had flat out bad twists.

  16. Big Mom team up was great because it seemed to raise the bar so much higher and require something extraordinary for Strawhats to win. Something like help from the Strawhat Alliance or Revolutionaries. But in the end, just Law and Kid alone were enough to beat her.

  17. I noticed there were instances in 1055 of Aramaki's "tree form" where Oda didn't even draw his body. You could see the face and the "hands" but the body was just white space.

  18. Female Admiral would've been great. Marines in general probably have the worst female representation, especially at the top.

  19. Tsuru should be way more important than she is

  20. Yeah, she should be the same "generation" as Garp, Sengoku and Roger, yet we've seen so much less from her.

  21. She's beyond stupid. Even if Harlan didn't kill their parents Claire still would not exist because the umbrella academy wouldn't exist -> therefore no marrying her ex-husband. I don't get how she can be this dense.

  22. I've been willing to give the characters a lot of slack throughout the series because they're deeply dysfunctional and obviously won't go with the 100% logical choice all the time. Like I was fine with what happened between Viktor and Allison in S1, cos it was a very emotionally intensive scene between two traumatized individuals. Chaos was to be expected.

  23. The sad thing about Allison sexually assaulting Luther was that the writers did not have to put that in to make her look like a bitch when it contributed nothing to the plot and was never addressed it afterwards. There are other ways to make a character unlikable that aren't hugely problematic. SA in media is never okay to leave unaddressed, no matter the gender of the people involved.

  24. It was SUCH a huge jump from where she was previously. Just using her powers on her family is bad enough, but then slapping sexual assault on top of that just completely changes her character. I know she has trauma from Claire and living in the 60s, but honestly, those things were kinda absent in S2 and the start of S3, so it feels more like a crux to get her on this new path.

  25. Sure we all want to be loved but not being in a relationship with a woman doesn’t make you any less worthy as a human being.

  26. I don't think it's about men looking to burden women specifically. It's more like, if you were told that you'd never find a romantic partner, would not being able to achieve something as fundamental as that say something about you as a human being, regardless of gender? Most men just happen to be heterosexual.

  27. At different points In my life I’ve been told I’d never do well in college, never get good grades, never excel at sports, never have a successful career, never find a man, etc. If I listened to everyone who told me I can’t, my life would look a lot different right now.

  28. Admittedly, I'm using "told" more in a metaphorical sense for life experiences in general. "Proven" would be the more accurate description.

  29. also I'm kinda disappointed that Klaus is from pennsylvania, thought they all were from different countries of the world (klaus was finnish in my headcannon)

  30. I'm curious, what made you think he was Finnish?

  31. Greenbull surprising Big Mom and Kaido sounds like a good idea. It would demonstrate the precarious balance between the great powers and how easily one can take advantage of any disturbances.

  32. In the end, he was the captain and his sons followed his orders. I'm not sure how this is a bad thing. They all knew what they were going into. The entire marine of 4 admirals, all vice admirals, warlords, etc.

  33. You also gotta ask what's the alternative. "Do not touch Whitebeard's crew" was an ironclad rule that was ultimately meant to keep them safe. If Whitebeard would've left Ace to die, there's a possibility that Marines and other pirates would've tried to see how much further they can push their luck with him.

  34. Pre-TS, Nami was an excellent character. Incredibly intelligent and resourceful, played a critical role as the ship’s hyper-competent navigator, always still found some way to be helpful to the crew even on land despite not being highly physically powerful, interesting and emotionally engaging backstory, fun and unique personality… there are still echoes of those days in her character now, but she’s mostly been relegated to being a sex object to ogle at.

  35. I still think back to Nami's fight against Miss Doublefinger. It was both brutal and ingenious, Oda didn't feel the need to hold back just because Nami was a woman. Nowadays though, it's rare for Nami or Robin to get a "proper" fight, instead of being relegated to support.

  36. For me Oda doesn’t have to write the best female characters in shounen he just has to give them the same treatment/effort in terms of characterisation which I think he does do.

  37. And that imbalance, while not terrible, kinda muddles things a bit because that one female character inevitably becomes "the woman" of the group. And I think that allows Oda not to think too much about what would set his female characters visually apart, because they're mostly compared to their male counterparts. You have Big Mom (the "hag" design) in the Emperors and Bonney (the "sexy" design) in Supernovas, for example.

  38. Her presence in her arc as the unstoppable monster definitely felt more intimidating than kaido to me.

  39. Big Mom was unquestionably, universally terrifying in a way that we rarely see female characters to be. Just a pure monster.

  40. As a black man, I have a few things to say about this that I truly feel:

  41. Regarding your 3. point, it's interesting how comedians will simultaneously defend comedy as high art while also pulling out the "just a joke" as soon as there's criticism. I don't think there's a "just" in jokes. Jokes are rhetoric, they are messages, they can and have been used to spread bigotry and hate before. It's all about how you construct the joke.

  42. The thing is, you can say offensive and dark shit for comedic purposes. There’s good and bad ways to do it. The bad way, which he seems to be hell bent on, is to do it to one group or topic exclusively. He doesn’t tell other jokes. He just rants about LGBT (partially trans) people, tells a half-assed joke, and then moves on to another segment about trans people. Or a weird narcissistic monologue about a story about some hater…that then ends up back at trans people.

  43. George Carlin is the obvious but best example about this. I've seen many people trying to emulate Carlin's cynical worldview for comedy and entertainment, but it just comes across as... depressing.

  44. One Piece films are in a disappointing limbo of not wanting to introduce anything meaningful to the canon, but still wanting to follow the usual formula. Baron Omatsuri is still the best One Piece film imo, because it was more of a mood and character study about the horror of losing your crew.

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