how i separated my bed in my one room apartment.

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  1. What do you by 'a certain point'? On the ground, in space?

  2. The system to calculate heat is likely similar to the aerodynamic system in that while simplified from it is not simple.

  3. Yeah, and looking at the Thermal GUI doesn't help much. 'Air Mass Mult:' seems like the only relevant value there but since there's no further information about what it actually isn't much help.

  4. Knyt poltikerlöner till prisbasbelopp/medianlön i stället. Kanske med en liten multiplikator beroende på befattning också.

  5. Är detta vanligt bland psykologer, att egna erfarenheter av psykisk ohälsa leder folk till att välja det som yrke? Tror du det finns några för- eller nackdelar med att som psykolog själv ha erfarenhet av psykisk ohälsa?

  6. The Netherlands are unbeaten in their last 12 World Cup matches. That is 1 behind the record set by Brazil from 1958-1966.

  7. Yup, they didn't qualify for the world cup in 2018

  8. Wow, really? Such a good team and they didn't even qualify. That's crazy. What happened to them?

  9. No way was it a bomb inside the pipeline, it’s not practical at all. These were external charges attaché or strapped to the pipe.

  10. To further back up your claim - not that you need it :) - the lead investigator of the Swedish investigation into the Nord Stream "event" says the blast came from the outside.

  11. Hur får man en bög att ha sex med en kvinna?

  12. A more similar 80s drama was made where a caveman is literally found in ice and thawed out by scientists. It's pretty good too and has some suspense. It's called Iceman (1984)

  13. Det här är jag lite oroad för om jag någonsin får tummen ur och söker till universitetet. Räcker det inte med att jag lyssnar med ett halvt öra på föreläsningarna och läser igenom boken en gång så vet inte jag riktigt hur jag ska bete mig.

  14. Plugga i grupp! Samlas en gäng och gå igenom begreppen eller formlerna eller vad det nu kan vara tillsammans. Jag kände ungefär som du innan jag pluggade och att plugga med andra gjorde susen för mig. :)

  15. Alla barnen fick behålla sina jobb som talpedagoger utom Majken, hon fick spajken.

  16. We don't like to talk about it much because the swiss has already laid claim to cheese – that and the chocolate, but to be fair we outshine them at both of those but we don't begrudge them. They can have their fame and we stay in the shadows.

  17. To paraphrase the great Sean Lock, without cheese and chocolate we'd just associate the Swiss with blood diamonds and nazi gold.

  18. Ja, skrev lite fel. Ville vara övertydlig eller nått.

  19. I see. I don't have the cool window like yours, but I might try this. I feel so exposed when I sleep in a big room with just a bed, atm.

  20. I also felt like this, so I made a ceiling over my bed with some plywood, paint and steel pipes. It's not much to look at, but having an extra roof ~4 feet above my bed made it sooo much more cozy and really got rid of the feeling of "overexposure". And I got some extra storage space too!

  21. Functions at the file level default to global scope, variables at the file level default to local scope.

  22. Och NoScript om man har ett extra starkt kontrollbehov

  23. Vem fan bryr sig om säkerhet. Tänk på alla de små facken man kan ha olika små prylar och godispapper och mynt och.. ja, nä.. nu vill jag ha en Dacia.

  24. Mycket möjligt att du har rätt om just barnmorskor men det finns en relativt utbredd skepticism inom vården mot evidensbaserad medicin.

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