1. Why is Blake so damn secretive about this?

  2. What’s the O/U line on Tony’s IP tonight?

  3. May looked good and to be honest, if the right fielder had played a ball hit to right on the hop instead of trying to make a hero play, it would’ve been a single, not a triple and May probably gets out of the inning unscathed.

  4. In all seriousness, that’s not an acceptable outing from Kimbrel right? Like that is not going to cut it in the playoffs yikes, something needs to change.

  5. Outman may have just singlehandedly ended Trayce Thompson's career.

  6. I imagine outman gets sent down when CT returns, or he gets traded.

  7. Am I missing something here? His numbers look like they've been good his whole career.

  8. Good, yes, but not as good as they seem on the surface

  9. Your championship win probability with one out in the 9th was 98%. The only team I can find with a higher chance was the 1986 Red Sox who got up to 99% before events transpired.

  10. I’ve been thinking about this… Obviously everyone coming back strong from injury is a BIG “if”, but it also makes me wonder whether we really need to add anyone at the deadline. Probably a starting pitcher, but the position player group is so solid.

  11. I love TA’s vibe. He’s so intense and old school; I feel like he could’ve been a real stud if he’d played for us his whole career.

  12. Can Woody throw a no hitter and the Giants still lose?

  13. I think it’s cool when the Yankees are losing

  14. If Cleavinger or Moronta pitch in the postseason it’ll be because they somehow became Mariano Rivera

  15. Why take cleavinger out then with 2 outs and the game out of reach? Makes no sense. Just burned bickford anyways

  16. Cause he threw like 30 pitches. There is a limit.

  17. You start to understand you can’t win them all and can’t invest that much into any single win or loss

  18. On the plus side, the Dbacks humiliated the Giants, who are now .500!

  19. Looks like the worse team beat the better team in all but one game today (Mariners beat Rangers). Weird!

  20. In addition to what others have said, the current front office also really values innovation. They hired one of the founders behind Driveline before it really became a thing, based on some papers he wrote. They have a whole lab dedicated to pitch design and that sort of thing. So they invest a lot of resources into identifying and utilizing the best off- and on-field talent in all aspects.

  21. Loge level is usually the best, just make sure to sit on the third base side for a day game. Lots of cheaper seats out there but they’ll be in the boiling sun with no shade.

  22. What a team. Wow. Just soak it in and enjoy!

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