How Primitive Building Videos Are Staged

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  1. It is a hilarious campaign. There was one person that would eat at Wendy’s beforehand so he could get the buffs!

  2. Yea, we had a ton of fun. I'm already planning a new adventure into Creepingvale and beyond for next summer.

  3. I annoyed the hell out of the dm with my order of the baked potato. All heals and roots! Went with the name of Poe Dado For him.

  4. Unlikely. People have been asking PP about future plans for new Cryx and Menoth models in MkIV on Facebook all day, and it's almost always been the same response of "Legacy models will have at least two armies balanced for the competitive Prime format".

  5. Not much, as far as I know. They helped beat back the Infernals and then retreated to their islands. I backed the Nightmare Empire kickstarter both because I've always wanted to run a Cryx-centric campaign, but also because it seemed like the fastest way to get an update on what my first faction is currently up to.

  6. They were my jam in mk2. Kind of stopped playing after the ganger program and mk3 really killed off my meta.

  7. Oh man I am envious, I don’t think I have gotten even an epic in about 40 pulls.

  8. I can’t not hear this song every time I see his name.

  9. i am trying to remember how to make comics, please bear with me. only 5 days left in the kickstarter

  10. I do love that Channel 5 Andrew keeps running into people trying to pull off his schtick. He seems supportive, but I don't think they're much of a threat anyway.

  11. Looks amazing! Do you do your own supports or do pre supported? I run into issues with their pre supports leaving pick marks when I remove them. I do it after a warm water soak before curing.

  12. Ive been informed that mr lovenstein might stamp his titties on your book if you ask him nicely.

  13. Like watching myself playing World of tanks (I'm the little ones)

  14. You and me both. Just came back after a 2 year break and the community is still the same lol.

  15. Take back all the cum! Use it for currency to buy comics! What is the cum to dollar exchange rate these days?

  16. I have only had the cavehill and really enjoy it!been keeping an eye out for the others to try!

  17. They would only put a sign like this up if the good part is past it. To keep it all to themselves!

  18. Ran a leveling roulette last night as healer and got bardams mettle. Tank went down within seconds of the first pull. Didn’t even have a chance to cast a single spell. Use your mitigation tanks

  19. I think Bardams mettle is the first duty where the tank still in tomestone gear really shines a light on it being under leveled at that point.

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