1. Being diagnosed with schizophrenia. I don't want to pass that on

  2. 7 days to die. It has potential to be a good game but I highly doubt it ever will be

  3. Crushed pork rinds also work. I mix parmesan and pork rinds with seasoning as a breading

  4. I like older shows like keeping up appearances, Monty Python, Mr bean

  5. We had one of these on a quilt thing in my house as a kid. I think it's a shaker/quaker thing.

  6. It takes time. You are doing the right things. The weight loss comes in phases not all at once. It will stop for weeks at a time before dropping again. Just trust it and keep doing what you are doing you'll see and like others have said don't weigh every day

  7. Spaghetti. It came out of my nose one time and I would freak out every time it was fixed for dinner

  8. Put perks into lucky looter and loot pillbox

  9. Or you could warm up the tortilla and lightly wet it by dipping your fingers in water and then on the tortilla. Thus making it slightly sticky and easy to close

  10. I've been told pigs will eat everything. Bones and all

  11. My doctor said to take those kids Flintstones chewable multivitamin. It's easy to take unlike those huge multivitamin tablets you have to swallow somehow with a small amount of water

  12. Weird, my program specifically says no kids vitamins since they won't have enough or the right ratio of vitamins for adults

  13. I've noticed every program/doctor's seem to have very different rules.

  14. My new keyboard doesn't have this function but my old keyboard could be taken apart and there was a silicone layer between the electric parts and the key top part you could run the silicone and plastic keyboard part in the dishwasher and then just dust the electrical part. Just put it back together when the plastic and silicone parts are clean and dry. I'm not sure what keyboard this was. It was a old one my stepmom didn't need anymore

  15. How did you deal with going from looking like a child to sexual attention in a short period of time... (Did you expect it?)

  16. I was dealing with creeps as young as 11 and the grown ass man that followed me in his car all the way home saying sexual things about my body scared the crap out of me I didn't want to ride my bike again for a long time.

  17. Treat us the same way you'd like us to treat you

  18. Wth did I just read? Superglued torn finger back together?

  19. I used tissues and duck tape and healed the tip of my finger that was partially severed

  20. I agree to most of your reply, let me start there.

  21. Food addiction is real. It's just the same as any other addiction and like other addictions the food is used as a way to sooth and comfort when a person is dealing with unresolved trauma. This causes people to gain extreme amounts of weight by binging and eating very unhealthy foods. Depression can also cause people to be unmotivated to move and exercise in addition to this food addiction. Mental illness including those who have illness related to trauma plays a major role in morbid obesity.

  22. My cat was doing this and I just would distract him every time he would try to get on it with treats or toys and eventually he forgot about it and hasn't been on it since

  23. This has happened to me. I had stitched and still have the scar but I remember moving my fingers and seeing it move inside the gash

  24. I used to make those 1-2 dollar bags of red beans and rice with the seasoning mixed in and add some smoked sausage if I had some.

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