1. One thing that annoys me that i havent seen mentioned here yet is that if you swipe at your own message it wont do either, like if youre not gonna let me reply to myself easily at least show me the members list

  2. Humans are not referred to as it. That's not a valid pronoun choice for a person lol

  3. People can you whatever they want as pronouns, and it chooses to use it pronouns

  4. Lol no, he/she/they are valid options but outside of that you start to get into that transphobic

  5. How is it transphobic to use the pronouns someone wants you to use for them lmfao

  6. They should also like let you know what reason was filled in for your ban

  7. It can be difficult when you’re on a realm or server, because everyone has to sleep at the same time

  8. Luckily hopping in a bed for a few seconds clears your counter!

  9. Im aro and a hopeless romantic (and my name is even Hope!)

  10. My childhood (its been ruined by longterm illnesses and mental health issues)

  11. Usually with people like that just use their pronouns and they back off very quickly

  12. Im not sure what a suncatcher is but it looks pretty!

  13. Thank you! Basically it's something (usually semi-transparent) that you hang in a sunny window. It will 'glow' when the sun hits it and cast colored shadows on your walls, etc.

  14. Afaik the rainbow one is for neurodivergent in genera, autism is gold (cuz Au on the periodic table)

  15. Marvin sounds weirdly menacing for some reason lmao

  16. I'm still impressed that there is people stuck in 1.8 because they can't accept a combat system that isn't "whoever spams click faster wins"

  17. Neither is good, but i prefer 1.8 seeing its way quicker, and if u think cps is the only thingn that matters ur incredibly bad at pvp, like for example, Technoblade, who was known for his 1.8 pvp had 6 cps

  18. He has streamed with others, strawberry and tubbo

  19. No to pictures, in my case iphone 8 with default settings, but ive heard it a million times from others

  20. Really shouldn't have issues with an iphone 8 that thing is old at this point. (nothing wrong with old tho)

  21. I do though, especially if the picture is taken when the sun is out

  22. Storytelling or something like express and explore

  23. Next time put it in alphabetical order so its easier to search for names pls

  24. So instead of BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD DAD they said it more like Blood for the Blood Dad, when he went to battle. I love this idea.

  25. death to yellow instead of DEATH TO YELLOW it is

  26. ik begin meteen, ik denk dat ik hem uitbreng in ongeveer 5 weken. wees gerust, je binas audioboek komt er aan

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