1. I use it on samurai fired up plus rancid. Its actually been a huge life saver on many occasions. I use it for tengu, oni lords, archers, revives, bonus objectives. It does take a little timing to get multiple enemies with it but to me its still more consistent than trying to aim a sticky bomb. Shorter cooldown. No legendary required like SK or no ghost weapon damage required. I dont use smoke or bombs with the sam lately so its been the go to fo a little crowd control. You should try it out for a few games, cant hurt.

  2. I cant figure out why people wont buy the healing this week in nms but instead buy.... ignite enemies... like ill ping the health one and go buy the far one myself and what will they do?? Buy ignite or animals... like why??

  3. Juggling them is awesome! You can only catch and hold one though, so at the end of the fight you will lose 1 or more (depending on how many you juggle).

  4. I highly recommend heavenly rebuke for the ronin bc it gives you the ability to Heavenly strike, this gives you a nice offensive edge and a way to quickly use a point of resolve for a strong attack. Since his default ultimate doesn't damage enemies it's really a game changer. Stone striker can give you the ability too but it doesn't have the 50% chance of a lightning bolt striking a nearby enemy which is bad ass. Be on the lookout for Forbidden medicine if you don't have it, it's untouchable as far as equipment goes basically. But purple bombs are alright too.

  5. Stone striker does big damage if the enemy is staggered. That gives it a SLIGHT edge for me. The lightning IS awesome though no doubt.

  6. Maybe not the BEST but def worth a try if your not speedrunning. This is what ive been using

  7. I prefer caltrops over smoke bomb for 2 different reasons than above....smoke makes me feel tooo comforatable especially with fire spirits and bears that seem to ignore the smoke more than i would like and also i find myself constantly checking the smoke timer and running in circles waiting for that little bit for it to come back instead of being agressive. Stone striker plus caltrops (especially demon seeds) is more satisfying to me (compared to chucking bombs from smoke anyway) just drop em and move on. I havent run spirit kunai in a while but the extra GWD is a plus. Though ammo is a huge obstacle unless you can be both efficient and effective. I just go for full status effect damage and duration wherever possible and use extra healing recieved tech plus combat regen and soothing breath. No GWD at all. Its been a nice change.

  8. Although I haven't time tested it, I do not believe duration extends the effects of weaken burst. Much like using the ult that applies weaken and throws everything backwards, the weaken effect tied to it is very short lived.

  9. Thats oddd. Ive never used either of those but i would have thought for sure it would apply. That sucks. Gw50% tech is the best choice for sure. What kind of build do you like to use?

  10. Well I left for a while after ronin got nerfed update.

  11. Yea thats pretty much the gist of the build i was using just a month ago. Its super strong! Ive been using this lately tho.. Stone katana/ s master-wotf Melee/ oni i think

  12. Yes. If no one is waiting for spawns with a list then everyone should attack hard on the first spawn of enemies then 2 of you go to the second spawn and the other 2 finish the first then go to the third. Once the 2nd is done meet up with the other 2 ppl to finish the 3rd spawn. This is probably just an ideal situation. If ppl start dying or are taking too long to finish one area then it can get a little messy and you just need to use good judgment and pay attention to who can or cant be left on their own. Also keep in mind if you have a healing ronin in the game, it would be a good idea to keep someone with them usually. They might be able to save the game should the need arise.

  13. Unless your confident in your team then i would always go for soothing breath. Lately ive been using a fire ronin build around soothing breath. I use the fire ability instead of the healing circle cuz its offensive and my gear is just focused on status effects and oni damage. heavenly strike is good if you can manage the resolve. I also use the extra healing for myself (the technique) because id need to really stay up on health if im only relying on ult for healing myself and others. I also use the first legendary for demon seeds and the stone striker sword or the charm, just cuz i like to

  14. I would like a 2 person matchmake or 3 person. I think it would be challenging if the boss wave spawned 2 or 3 waves at once. I think a boss wave of all ghost enemies would be tough. Tethered enemies. Death should deplete your resolve. 20 waves. And other ideas here are great as well.

  15. Smoke bombs with cool down reductions plus munitions and lucky. Its what i see the most across most builds.

  16. I appreciate this post, as I use explosive blade for my samurai build for one reason and one reason only…couple it with Blessed Strikes so I can heal myself as often as possible since it has the shortest cool down between the three skills so I can heal more often.

  17. Im in your exact situation. I dont unserstsnd the distaste so many have for explosive blade or even rising tempo. I think EB would be just fine damage wise as is, i do wish the radius was max by default and rising tempos timer was more forgiving. Crowd control is the only real reason i use EB and others only use RF for damage output and others us SP for pocket healing. I wouldnt want them to be re-skins of each other.

  18. One would think you would be in stealth after re apearing and they would need to spot you first THEN attack you but...

  19. Still waiting for SP to add a mode that contains all in a single game. Hwachas, Disciples, Eyes..

  20. I can just picture myself trying to kill a disciple after the eye passes of course, while dodging hwachas on a rock...

  21. Jesus.. not looking forward to that. 3 just started attacking me at once the other day, sometimes only 2. How quickly do their numbers grow?

  22. Haven’t played in awhile so maybe games been updated by now.

  23. Okay that seems annoying having that many but i need chest armor anyway. Thanks!

  24. I think you should just try it out. I use it on almost every sam build and its really strong after an ult especially if you go into a raging flame or explosive blade right after. Honestly the kill time thing is the main issue, but if your goal is to get in there and fight then it will at least motivate you to get better at avoiding damage and reading attacks. Just that benefit was enough for me but it still shouldnt be used if you want to delete spawns or if your using injured resolve.

  25. I would like to see that village where you defend taka and his sister at the forge. I think it would be interesting with all the rooftops.

  26. If it will fit your needs then demon seeds is a really strong source of fire damage if you use fired up and deep bags. Epic caltrops are okay too and i may be wrong but i think you can roll duration on them. Its been working great for my ronin.

  27. Maybe make some dogs emit poison when they get to you and exolode. A regular hwacha spawning in on the ground at spawn on boss waves could add a little. I like how on this week one of the boss waves is immunity that could be good on other maps. Normally only 2 or so enemies will attack you while the others watch, having one more enemy attack you could be a bit more challenging. Increasing the rate at which survival zones are captured could make it harder or only being able to recapture a circle during a round or maybe having to spend magatama to reconquer it. I would like more shaamans across all maps and for them to be better fighters or the others actively try to protect them. Give the tengu an aoe attack. Make it so that basic enemies drop no ammo. Maybe make that cursed gear thing part of a boss wave "you deal 50% less damage when no other ghosts are near you" or even make it a weekly modifier.

  28. I'd say it probably depends on the map. If you are playing Shadows of War where you have choke points for each spawn, demon seeds would probably work pretty well. For a map like Aoi village, I'd go with smoke instead.

  29. Status effect damage is almost always the better choice. Duration works great with flash bombs tho!!

  30. When i first started playing nms, ronin was the safest bet for me but after stuggling for a week or two i finally got in the swing of things when the week changed to defense of aoi village and i changed to assassin. Assassinations from above are what made both my favorites. Something about throwing a sticky then death from above to smoke just felt soooooooo nice. Assassinations in general just feel good when it ends well.

  31. I feel like the fire spirits are what made nms feel difficult before and 25 waves just made it feel long. I would prefer if hwachas were the main modifier and every other week it was one of the other two then back to fire spirits. There have been alot of new players recently too so i can only imagine how challenging it would be to complete nms if it were still the same today with randoms. The second perk is a big part it feeling easier too. Water master+way of the flame, blessed strikes+super armor, non ronin unlock+ black powder bomb, munitions+lucky, i think the thing for hunters might be blessed arrows+ fire master or foul arrows. Anyway we can now throw the stongest perks on any builds so making a strong build is much easier now and a good build can make up for any lack of talent or mistakes with all the options there are. I agree with you, though i dont think its a bad thing if we want more and more new players to help grow the player base and keep the game or sequels relevant.

  32. Lately the weightless spirit and rising tempo build for samurai feels like they work well together.

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